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Bad Bug - Imported Scanned documents create new notebook!

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When I scan a document to the new Evernote, it creates a new Notebook instead of scanning the document to the last selected notebook like it used to.  Since I can easily scan 30-40 documents at a time, this make Evernote completely useless for archiving my documents!

I can't find any way to change this back to the old way this works.  Has anybody entered this bug?

I'll have to stop using Evernote until this is resolved.   Does anyone know how to use Dropbox or OneDrive as a replacement?



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Just for information, on my W10 laptop the previous version of Evernote is still in place and usable - located at C:\Program Files(x86)\Evernote\Evernote

The dreadful new version is instead under C:\User\username\AppData\Local\Programs\evernote-client  !

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I have this same problem but my Evernote updated automatically to new version. Based on reviews seen and all the bugs that are present I deliberately refused to update and few days ago it did so by itself. 

So, for the app that I am paying on the level of 90$ per year, I would now need to reinstall old version and successfully avoid automatic updates while constantly checking if they at least managed to solve the basic bug and then decide when to update. Quite work I would say.

Again, the topic of migration or at least investigating possible alternatives comes to my mind... way to go Evernote, that's how you "rebuild" the app

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