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  1. gazumped, PhilRSoT, Thanks for heads up. The old version of Evernote is now installed, and seems to work properly to save web pages and uploaded pdf files. Best regards, Dan.
  2. I reported a bug in the latest version of Evernote that may force me to move my uploaded PDF files to safer location. Since there are thousands of files, I need to figure out how to bulk download the files as individual PDFs with the original titles. Can someone tell me how to do this? Thanks, Dan.
  3. When I scan a document to the new Evernote, it creates a new Notebook instead of scanning the document to the last selected notebook like it used to. Since I can easily scan 30-40 documents at a time, this make Evernote completely useless for archiving my documents! I can't find any way to change this back to the old way this works. Has anybody entered this bug? I'll have to stop using Evernote until this is resolved. Does anyone know how to use Dropbox or OneDrive as a replacement? Dan.
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