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  1. Wow, thanks for the basic explanation but again, I am not interested in any of the services or activities that any software or app perform in the back. And I am sure, a 100% sure that 95% other users feel the same. For my work and life I use dozens of applications and software and no, not very interested to learn how they work their "magic". The same way most people don't care (or do they need to) on how a microwave works, or WiFi, or a chip in a computer or a phone, or high voltage electricity, or a TV.... I am sure you see where I am going with this. I mean, kudos to you, really, no pun intended. I know I could probably sometimes benefit from knowing such things, but then again so much to learn and read for little gain (as it's neither my job nor my interest) so I simply don't. To be honest, this is absolutely the only thread I am following on this forum, and for pure curiosity checking if this function (which I don't consider a rocket science but then again, we agreed that I don't know the principle on how this works) will ever be implemented . I have been a premium EN user for some 8 years but never was fully satisfied. I was hoping they will improve it but it didn't happen in my "active time" and finaly I simply gave up first time that EN lost my data. Won't go into details, but first time I thought maybe I did something wrong but then it happened again on several occasions so I decided I cannot trust a system like this. 2 years ago I spread activities I do in EN to other applications. I have to say I am still a premium user, still use it as a dump storage die to it's still really powerful (for my needs) search function,but as soon as I find a good alternative for it (and a time to transfer all the data) it will be my final goodbye. Truly disappointed on how they approached software development, the way their support responded. Too bad,because it was really a software for which I had my hopes high. Indeed, some things did improve within last year (again, I am checking it for curiosity as I still fuse it as dump filling cabinet) but for me it came too slow and too late.
  2. Sooo, if I understand correctly, your opinion is that if someone wants to use a "complex app" it should "know how they work"? Meaning, understand the technical side of it, that happens "behind"? If this is true, this migjt rank quite high in my "dumbest things written on internet" list. I, and probably a vast majority of the users, don't give a damn how the app works its magic, since we are paying, literally, people to think about that and do the job. After all, if it's impossible to perform this task, I would expect someone from EN to briefly write it here, sometime within past 9 years that this thread exists.... Or?
  3. Exactly! It seems they are "challenging" us, to see who will stand longer despite their lack of any reaction. Apart from local notebooks, with new updates some basic features such as drag and drop (from EN to mail for example) are simply gone. Also, I may sound like "so 90's" but is printing a "lost art"? I mean, in old versions it was bad, but in the new one - half of the page is missing! Incredible. Anyhow, as with earlier comments, I expect moderator to delete my post as I am probably not complying to rules but hey, whatever....
  4. Hey Jaya, any news? I mean, it's been almost 4 months this was reported, multiple updates but this BASIC feature still not available?
  5. In 3 months it will be 8 years after this feature has been officially requested. I think we should not keep our hopes high and eventually opt to vote or hope for something more simple but important as well. I don't know, maybe the shape or the size of the ear on the elephant logo? This might be a game-changer...
  6. I have this same problem but my Evernote updated automatically to new version. Based on reviews seen and all the bugs that are present I deliberately refused to update and few days ago it did so by itself. So, for the app that I am paying on the level of 90$ per year, I would now need to reinstall old version and successfully avoid automatic updates while constantly checking if they at least managed to solve the basic bug and then decide when to update. Quite work I would say. Again, the topic of migration or at least investigating possible alternatives comes to my mind... way to go Evernote, that's how you "rebuild" the app
  7. Well, if you are trying to be smart here is a thought for you: the topic is password protected notebooks, not "how to log out from Evernote" or "how to password protect your PC if the app that you want to protect doesn't provide this feature that many users are asking for". You get it? This ***** behavior can work both ways.
  8. Well said! I often got the feeling that DTLow is an employee of EN since on many topics, posts or questions he answers in a "defensive" way as if he tries to convince us that our requests are unreasonable. I mean, let's face it, most of the people know how to password-protect the computer or to log out of EN but I simply don't want to do that as it is not practical to do so every time I leave my desk, even it's just to make a cup of coffee. Again, the fact that this feature is 2nd most wanted and that people still demand it and discuss it after 7 years means only one thing - users really need it! As for me, I gave up. I still pay premium subscription and ONLY because of the OCR feature but unfortunately I am now using EN only as a dump storage and I rely on its search function when I need something. That's it. I moved all my projects, my journals, logs, even my to-do list in OneNote. Sure, there are some disadvantages compared to EN especially after using the EN as my main platform for years but then there are some things which are better solved in OneNote and it works for me. Biggest issue with EN for me is that I really don't see the direction in which they are going. With new CEO and most of the management changed I expected more, a revolution, but instead we mostly see new videos in which they are trying to justify what they are doing...or not doing. Sad, really sad because it was (I mean still is) a great idea, great app, great potential, but it seems as if they are stuck half way and can't seem to get over that...
  9. Well, it's been more than a year since I asked similar question (and voted for this function) but so far I have received notifications that there has been a post in this topic, and when I check it's always the same: people asking and requesting this feature and still nothing happens. Most shocking for me is that this feature is so logical that it should not be requested by users but proactively developed by the company. And the fact that this topic on forum dates back from 2013 is, well, disappointing... but, we did get upgraded logo which did help me a little bit, I feel more energetic now....NOT
  10. Well, it's interesting to see how some people are strongly rejecting certain ideas, and defending them/justifying lack of any action by EN as if this will have a negative effect on them personally. Really strange. To support this request I have a simple explanation and if anyone (be it "guru" or just "member") can provide an explanation why this is not reasonable I am really looking forward to response: I want to lock/encrypt/password protect a table and image inserted in a note. I'm listening. Current text encryption can be used for things you use rarely. I mean, decrypting it, adding some text and then again SELECT ALL->encrypt->password.... this is almost "last resort" option. Again, I am not a person that keeps "life-altering" things in EN but sure would like to prevent anyone seeing a list of some table data, or my login passwords to random sites, loan management tracking etc. I mean, notebook or note lock will do the job and it's kinda surprising to see that this topic is open for almost 5 years now and I haven't seen any NO, NOT NOW or MAYBE's from EN officials. Maybe there is but I missed it though....
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