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  1. Exactly! It seems they are "challenging" us, to see who will stand longer despite their lack of any reaction. Apart from local notebooks, with new updates some basic features such as drag and drop (from EN to mail for example) are simply gone. Also, I may sound like "so 90's" but is printing a "lost art"? I mean, in old versions it was bad, but in the new one - half of the page is missing! Incredible. Anyhow, as with earlier comments, I expect moderator to delete my post as I am probably not complying to rules but hey, whatever....
  2. Hey Jaya, any news? I mean, it's been almost 4 months this was reported, multiple updates but this BASIC feature still not available?
  3. In 3 months it will be 8 years after this feature has been officially requested. I think we should not keep our hopes high and eventually opt to vote or hope for something more simple but important as well. I don't know, maybe the shape or the size of the ear on the elephant logo? This might be a game-changer...
  4. I have this same problem but my Evernote updated automatically to new version. Based on reviews seen and all the bugs that are present I deliberately refused to update and few days ago it did so by itself. So, for the app that I am paying on the level of 90$ per year, I would now need to reinstall old version and successfully avoid automatic updates while constantly checking if they at least managed to solve the basic bug and then decide when to update. Quite work I would say. Again, the topic of migration or at least investigating possible alternatives comes to my mind... way to go
  5. Well, if you are trying to be smart here is a thought for you: the topic is password protected notebooks, not "how to log out from Evernote" or "how to password protect your PC if the app that you want to protect doesn't provide this feature that many users are asking for". You get it? This ***** behavior can work both ways.
  6. Well said! I often got the feeling that DTLow is an employee of EN since on many topics, posts or questions he answers in a "defensive" way as if he tries to convince us that our requests are unreasonable. I mean, let's face it, most of the people know how to password-protect the computer or to log out of EN but I simply don't want to do that as it is not practical to do so every time I leave my desk, even it's just to make a cup of coffee. Again, the fact that this feature is 2nd most wanted and that people still demand it and discuss it after 7 years means only one thing - users really
  7. Well, it's been more than a year since I asked similar question (and voted for this function) but so far I have received notifications that there has been a post in this topic, and when I check it's always the same: people asking and requesting this feature and still nothing happens. Most shocking for me is that this feature is so logical that it should not be requested by users but proactively developed by the company. And the fact that this topic on forum dates back from 2013 is, well, disappointing... but, we did get upgraded logo which did help me a little bit, I feel more energetic n
  8. Well, it's interesting to see how some people are strongly rejecting certain ideas, and defending them/justifying lack of any action by EN as if this will have a negative effect on them personally. Really strange. To support this request I have a simple explanation and if anyone (be it "guru" or just "member") can provide an explanation why this is not reasonable I am really looking forward to response: I want to lock/encrypt/password protect a table and image inserted in a note. I'm listening. Current text encryption can be used for things you use rarely. I mean, decrypting it,
  9. Well, if an app that charges 60€ per year for premium version (or its users) in 2017. consider a printing task (to PDF as well) as an "advanced feature" then I guess I should go play some minesweeper...on 4K tv.... EN is presented as "professional" app, is charged so and I think such basic things should not be discussed at all. I understand bugs, different OS's, versions, etc...but this has been an issue for years (literally) and nothing changes. And by the way, for "simple notes" you can use dozens and dozens much more simple apps. EN is/should be much more then " simple note taking
  10. It's interesting (disappointing) to see that printing issues are not addressed even years after reporting them. And to think that EN obviously doesn't consider this a real problem is very surprising. Sure, we should aim for "paper-free" work but when I try to print meeting report in PDF I have same issues. Now, copying it into word processor and then...bla bla bla...I mean, it's 2017, we shouldn't be doing such thing I guess. I have just recently "reactivated" my EN usage and am currently Premium user but to think that EN is app that I use as MAIN and it doesn't have basic things (printing)
  11. Maybe it's bit late but still, it may help someone later eventually: to see this option you need to tick check box "Show advanced options"
  12. Well, I just started using EN but Atlas (based on Youtube reviews and training videos) is was absolutely great feature and I really don't understand why they would remove it.
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