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Bring back Google Assistant integration with new API



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23 hours ago, Kruger2147 said:

I would love to be able to make voice notes and reminders with Assistant/Evernote again.

According to someone else in the Forums,  it's already working. Try "take a note" or "take a note in Evernote" 

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42 minutes ago, charlieedstrom said:

Did you change any settings? All it does for me is open Evernote. I'm on Samsun S7 / Android 8.0

Nope, but it's a rollout from Google, so it may just take time. Update your Google app, maybe sign up for the beta. I'm running version of the Google app.

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Weirdly working. I got the message from Google Assistant "That's not supported by Evernote yet, so I opened the app instead." But what it actually did was open a new, blank note in my default notebook. So for once Google is smarter than it thinks it is. This happens when I say, "Take a note in Evernote," or just "Evernote note." It works the same way whether I start it with "OK Google" or by pressing the Google mic button, or long-pressing the Home button.

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