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  1. I suspect he is referring to either snippet or card view, and just didn't have the terminology.
  2. How do you quantify 'a lot'? How does that impact the company? Do you see Evernote as a business or a charity?
  3. On Windows click the Insert in the upper right, where you will find Checkbox listed.
  4. Did no see this when I searched forums so if its a duplicate, sorry. I found under both the Windows client and Web client, when viewing all notebooks and clicking Updated header to sort, it doesn't really sort in chronological order. I don't see the pattern to the sort, so I can't tell what its really sorting by. Is this expected behavior? Am I just not seeing how its sorting? EN Windows V 10.1.4 Build 1880
  5. Came across an article about the new shortcuts. Start assistant and say 'My Shortcuts' This open where these are set.
  6. Did you change any settings? All it does for me is open Evernote. I'm on Samsun S7 / Android 8.0
  7. @DTLow, in windows when we use the CTRL + ; keys we get the date and time inserted in the note where the cursor is position, i.e. 9/25/2020 7:55 AM To try to answer @Mariusz Matusiak question, that seems unlikely as it would require integration with Google Calendar. Its my hope that someday Evernote develops a plug-in system similar to most browsers allowing developers to create tools to enhance Evernote. Seeing how the Betas are really just a wrapper for the browser version, I could this this more likely in the future.
  8. @CalS I tested this also and compared to the same website but found the order different. So it appears they are not using the standard ASCII table for the sort of the tags.
  9. @ObviousBob thats interesting. I confirmed V10 is running under Chrome and Edge, and Firefox
  10. I did find a couple of items. Tag sort by count has been fixed The find in note option seems to be missing. Noticed notes created after Aug 14th that had been missing, now appear There is a new option in the notebooks menu, that maybe I never noticed, called Group Notes. It groups then by month. However I don't see a way to un-group them.
  11. I think I understand. You are looking for a solution to sync notes, without the internet.
  12. What are the benefits or advantage of this proposal?
  13. I think you hit a significant point, @DTLow, people are expecting Evernote to be a word processor, and they forget the fact ,it is for taking notes. I don't print from Evernote sinply because that is not its strong feature, and was never designed to be. That's like walking into the local quick mart and expecting to find a butcher.
  14. It appears you used he checklist option to insert. You want to use the checkbox. The checkbox can be centered.
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