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  1. I know this discussion is getting stale but I thought I would add to it, for those searching. Here's my method for keeping a daily journal. I was looking for a solution that would be available across multiple platforms, like EN. i thought about EN but I wanted to automate it more for consistency. I finally settle on WordPress. I created a private blog that only I see. I can used it from my desktop or from my phone to create new blogs. I then setup IFTTT to watch for new entries in my private blog and then copy it to my EN using set tags and notebooks. This gave me consistency on my blogs in EN. Word press allows me to add notes, photos, and a few others features, while capturing it to my EN. Using my phone, I can us the speech-to-text feature for convenience of entering my thoughts. The only difficult part is maintaining a daily habit of adding to my journal. I imagine that this same method could be applied to other services using IFTTT to capture to EN for anybody.
  2. Don't know if this would be of any help but I use KustomNote to gernerate my own tracking info for the consulting I do. It allows me to create anything I want. The downside; it is not a running clock so that you just click start. Its just a form app to generate nice entries for your self.
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