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  1. I use both search options. Particularly when I get too many results that I know are not relevant. I switch to intitle: and it narrows down the results. To narrow it down further, I then add tag:. I will also use created: a lot. Those are the three top search options for me.
  2. I couldn't duplicate it myself. Clear your cache possibly?
  3. I don't see this happening. Evernote is a software company who develops the app for multiple platforms. The platforms are best left to the other experts. With so many devices on the market, entry would be costly.
  4. Two reasons: desktop performance, as I have an older machine. And better search results for myself.
  5. Approx 6500 since 2011 but I annually clean out notes.
  6. I use a left over portable Neat scanner to scan in my receipts. I use the desktop app and modify the created date to match the receipt date, as I scan them in at the end of the month. This allows me to sort the receipts chronologically, and find receipts by date using the created date search option.
  7. How did you pair your Evernote to Assistant? I currently use IFTTT to save notes.
  8. I found there is a Whats New menu option when you click your name in the upper left. The web version seem to have reached a point where it is usable, minus a few features. I'm missing the edit created date, which I heavily used.
  9. Good suggestion Dave. I created a PDF document without the OCR function and brought it into my desktop app. Then synced it. What I noticed was the desktop app could already find the document by using keywords inside the PDF before it synced. It was my understanding PLUS account can't search for PDF documents contents, only PREMIUM accounts. This seems more like a built in function of the desktop app, which I was not aware of. A nice bonus. After waiting a while, the android and web versions do not find the document by its content so the account features for PLUS versus PREMIUM are working as designed. Its just the desktop app that functions differently.
  10. I know what you mean, and I do find the active search as you type usefull, but this is after hitting the magnifying glass. I'm just surprised also to find this happening in the web client.
  11. I am online, but do not use offline notebooks. I see what you mean as I get the same result in the web version, it only finds the document with the keyword in the title.
  12. I am a Plus user. I use NAPS to scan my documents and save many as PDFs. NAPS will OCR the document when saved as PDF. There are two documents, one is a PDF with the keyword in it. The other has the keyword in the title. When I search on the Windows desktop, it will find both documents using the keyword. But when search in the Android version, it only finds the document with the keyword in the title, not in the PDF. Both are updated. I cleared all data from the Android app, then logged in and downloaded it all. But same result. Is this behavior by design? Or a new problem?
  13. For a long time I have used the minus when searching to exclude words. I have also used it with the -tag: feature as well. I use stacks a lot and recently wanted to search a stack but exclude one of the notebooks. I realized there is no -notebook: option when searching. Do others feel this would be a useful feature addition?
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