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is it possible to sort within note?


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1 hour ago, peterlemer said:

I use a masterlist of urgent jobs in a single note, and would like to sort that list. Is it possible?

No; sorting note contents is not supported by Evernote    
My work-around is to use a third party product/editor to sort   
The screenshot shows the WordService utility on my Mac369918073_ScreenShot2020-09-14at11_10_02AM.png.2b42d352e157025e0a97de0ff7b9a7c4.png

There's a feature request posted at how-to-sort-the-text-within-a-note/   
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DTLow, many thanks 🙂 I already have Wordservice on my mac and when I use it I get the attached alert.

After about 10 secs, the list does sort, so I'm on my way - although I lose all my formatting and checkboxes so will have to adapt my design

cheers, very helpful! 🙂


Screenshot 2020-09-15 at 17.47.45.png

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I couldn't find a way to reply directly to you here, so I'll try this.

I'd like to sort a checklist alphabetically, checked on the Evernote site, plus Googled if that was possible. That led eventually to your post here. I have now, as of a few hours ago, the latest Evernote for Mac, v10.7.6. 

I downloaded and installed WordServices from the App Store. I'd also read this info from Apple about using Services: https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/use-services-in-apps-mchlp1012/mac 

When I select all that's in my checklist, go to the top menu in Evernote or the Apple icon, I can't find any choice for Services. (The info in the Apple link says where to look for Services.) Control-clicking on the highlighted selection (even with just words not in a checklist) doesn't offer the options of WordServices.

Help, please?

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The latest version for the Mac is 10.16, released yesterday.

You can download it from the EN web site (or from the AppStore, but I always recommend the direct download).

I don’t know whether it solves your issue, but at least you will be up to date with your client. I am currently travelling iPad only, so no way I can try.

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