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  1. So good to be coached on how to post usefully.
  2. Earthshaking breakthrough - so intuitive....
  3. Do any Mac apps implement local links? pete
  4. re: :// local files. Could the dropping of this essential feature be something to do with the fact that the database is now in the cloud and no longer local? Perhaps there's a fundamental engineering trap that means that a cloud-based 'base cannot link to a local file? IANAD pete
  5. when I buy a new Ford I would expect it to be able to get me to the same locations my old one did. And your 80 alternatives don't do that, either. pete - stay well!
  6. Yes. How do I get it to you? although I think TPTB have posted a link to it hereabouts. pete
  7. Sorry if I've missed this but has anyone, whether user or developer, posted a side-by-side comparison of features? I updated to 10 as soon as it was offered and it immediately felt like those awful moments when a GTD app that I had tightly integrated into my lifeflow dies and I audition new ones, none of them with the same architecture or features. I'm back to 7 now, happy as a lark, and turning a blind eye to the future. I don't consider myself a power user - I use tags extensively, links within and without Evernote, audio clips ( i'm a composer, among other things. And, of course, the GUI (pre-10) is delicious, giving me freedoms that other apps never quite matched. pete
  8. Is that because on my mac, the links relate to files on my mac which the web client can't access? Or is the new Web client MP3 incapable? pete
  9. Note Links used to work transparently - I click a link, I get the linked note. Now, I get a small window with the link address which I have to click again to get to the linked note. If instead, I CRTL-click the link I do go straight to the linked note but the small window remains and I have to click it again to close it. Bottomline: note links, which I use extensively, were a one-click affair. Now they're 2-click affairs pete
  10. if it's still possible to add a single checkbox from the <insert>. drop-down, what's problematic about giving it a keystroke? And adding a new item to a checklist using your new checkbox tool kills all my numbering pete
  11. Success! It works well, thanks DTLow the fresh install did it cheers pete
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