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  1. I'm using Evernote as a superb compositional/project task list and log. I have many prototype songs, one to a note, each of which will have a clip or more of audio. To PLAY is easy, just click on the PLAY button. But intuitively I want to either click that button again to STOP, or press spacebar or some other key. Instead, I need to press an icon quite a distance from the PLAY button. I request that either the PLAY button has a companion icon for STOP, or a keypress will STOP cheers, and thanks for a wonderful tool! stay well pete
  2. thanks for the illustration PinkElephant - I'll download Things and see how it might work for me pete
  3. wow, you've just blown my mind. Another task database?... hmmm. I've got folders and files from Palm, Mori, Omnifocus and dawkins knows what else. And your method smells of opportunity 🙂 thanks pete
  4. unsure how to graduate from checklists to individual notes
  5. thanks for this DTLow. I can immediately see how I can structure my tags more imaginatively. at the moment they are a single level class that I identify by the first few characters. Not ready to have seperate notes for each task as I explain in a parallel post. Here in equatorial guinea, we cut iceblocks all year round. pete
  6. Ah, I haven;t got into the practice of having a seperate noye for each tak. I've been using checklists within notes. I've got > 1000 notes, many of them with checklists. If I broke them down to task-par-note I may hvae upwards of 5000-10000 notes. I'll have a think about this. I can see how note-per-task might be efficient in some ways pete
  7. thanks Pinkelephant will do some work on your syggestion. I'm familiar with GTD, and I'll look up thesecretweapon 🙂 - pete
  8. Novice here: Scenario ( fictional) I own 3 igloos. So I make notebook titled 'My3Igloos' I then have three notes, one for each igloo. In each Igloo, I have a numbered checkbox for jobs, notes etc. In Igloo 1. I have the following list of jobs: Ceiling Iceblock needs replacing cut iceblock remove old iceblock fit new iceblock Sled need repair ask fred to help Invite mum over for herring when she agrees, catch some hering Today, I want to cut the iceblock and invite mum over From this example, how would you create a list of jobs for today? pete
  9. Thanks for that, DTLow, I have; really explored dates as part of my task structure other than to note when something has already happened. I'm maybe a bit too loose 🙂 pete
  10. Thanks CalS - I differ in that I have 86 notebooks in 10 stacks. Currently I have a tag 'Today' which is my first goto every day. ( I have TODAY as a shortcut) All notes with 'today' tag go there. In each note with a 'today' tag , I put a link to a note which contains narrative, notes and completed jobs
  11. That looks like a very comprehensive system, thanks In my case, I find it easy to find tags and my filesystem deems to work OK, though I'm still tweaking it. It's just that I remember sometalking about not relying on tags I am curious to review that philosophy in case there's something useful in there for me https://evernote.com/blog/stacey-harmon-michael-hyatt-wrong-organizing-evernote-tags/ cheers pete
  12. thanks DTLow, I now have the link I wanted. --- pete
  13. gazumped, spot on! Many thanks. <settles down to read> cheers pete
  14. thanks, PinkElephant, I have my answer below pete
  15. Hi PinkElephant. I don't see how I could have seen it anywhere else but this forum. I use tags a lot, but my database engineering mind is reviewing every component of my structures and that one has been lurking at the back of my mind pete
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