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  1. With v7 of Evernote for Mac, I could easily sort Notes in columns like "Create" to have either the oldest or the newest Notes be at the top. I would do that by clicking on the header (such as Created) and it would reverse the order. top to bottom. I've so far found it impossible to do that with v10.5.x. Is it still possible to do? - Dennis
  2. In terms of my not having seen your reply until now, I have under this topic the slider turned on so that I'm notified if I get a reply. But I hadn't seen any email letting me know there was a reply. - Dennis
  3. Thanks for your reply, which I just saw. Thanks for the link you gave. I went to it, found that the checkbox for "autofiling" *was* checked. If I understand you correctly, for the behavior I want, I should have it *unchecked*. So I'll try that. I did email earlier today to send a Note into my default Notebook, but it not only didn't go there, but in searching by its Subject line, I couldn't find it in *any* Notebook in Evernote. 😞 - Dennis
  4. Leila, thanks for your observations. It make me feel better knowing I might not be the only Evernote user this is happening to.
  5. I was aware of how to just what you described (and have done it for years). But it's only with Evernote v10.5.7 that I've had Notes emailed without anything extra on the Subject line (sent to my normal email address for mailing in Notes for Evernote) that did *not* go into my default Notebook .That's never happened to me before v10.5.7. I know how it's supposed to work, but still Notes were misdirected to another Notebook instead of the default Notebook. Thus my asking for help on this glitch.
  6. Thanks for your screenshot and reply. So that's why the choice wasn't showing up.
  7. I've used the great feature for years in Evernote of being able to email into specific Notebooks using the @notebook name. In the past, until Evernote for Mac v10.x If I didn't put a specific Notebook at the end of the Subject line of my email, it would go, as it should, into my default Notebook. Now, that's not always happening. That's my problem (only since updating to v10).
  8. Thanks for your reply. As I wrote in my post, I checked first at the same URL you listed, but it didn't help me. Here's what it said on that webpage: MAC The new Evernote for Mac Click Notebooks from the left panel. Next to the notebook you'd like to set as your default, click the options button (three dots). Click Set as default notebook from the pop-up menu. It was only after that not working (and writing for help to Evernote themselves) that I posted here (3rd way to try to solve this glitch). When I go to the options button (three
  9. When I try to use the Share menu on my iPhone SE, 1st gen., running the latest iOS and latest Evernote versions, I get an error message (see screenshot) that says "Session required." How do I fix that?
  10. Ever since I started using Evernote for Mac years ago, my default Notebook has been "fotofah's notebook". I just discovered a few minutes ago that when I email new Notes to my Evernote, they haven't been going into that Notebook, but instead to "Apple mobile device tips" Notebook. I've Googled how to make sure what my default Notebook is (in v10.5.7 that I'm using), but those instructions don't work. I can't find how to confirm what my default Notebook is. I've gone to the left column in Evernote for Mac, gone under Notebooks, selected my "fotofah's notebook", then in the middle column, t
  11. Is Evernote able to run natively on Apple Silicon Macs and Big Sur? If not now, is that something you're working on? (I just got an M1 chip MacBook Pro yesterday, running the latest Big Sur. I'm very grateful for that new laptop.) - Dennis
  12. Yesterday I updated Skitch to v2.9. Now the background is white, not black as with v2.8. I can't find anything in the Prefs in order to change it back to black. How do I do that?
  13. I often use the Web Clipper, especially to save Web pages. If I email the resulting Note to someone, they don't get the URL that was actually recorded with the Note. Could you please make that possible, so I don't have the extra work of having to click on "I" to get the URL, copy+paste that in the top of the text of the Note I'm emailing. I'm nearly always using the Clipper on Webpages for "Simplified article", not just "Bookmark" (almost never use that choice).
  14. I only use the bookmark option when I really don't care about saving the content of a webpage. Probably 90% or more of the time I save using Simplified Article. Do you know how I can suggest to Evernote that they include the URL when I email a Note with one?
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