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Can not sync laptop to the web version

Rowena H


Hi there

Ive been using evernote since Feb13th this year and it has only synced once on the first day of use... I have it only on two devices. I am writing my notes on my laptop and am trying to get it to sync with the web version. I have all the sync settings checked.  I try to force it to sync by tapping the sync icon but it still does not sync.  I have 100% of my upload remaining for this month.. It resets in 4 hrs.  Help am I missing a step?  Using windows 10 on an HP with Chrome..(Also opened up web Evernote with Internet Explorer still no sync) Any help would be appreciated.

I have included pics showing only two devices used and activity log, second pic shows only 71 notes uploaded to the web on Feb 13th and third shows my sync settings.




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I put the photos in the wrong order
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On 5/11/2020 at 7:48 PM, Rowena H said:

I have it only on two devices. I am writing my notes on my laptop and am trying to get it to sync with the web version.

The typical reason folks don't see notes on the web from their laptop is that they have accidentally created a second account similar to the first.  If you don't see a red exclamation mark on the sync icon that is probably the case.  To check, from your laptop Help - Go to My Account page.  When that page appears click on Go to notes in the upper right of the screen.  Your notes should be there.

image.png.2d891bd37fed78575125927f61b21630.png      image.png.b32bf75d6403bd5c25555362e1da1f00.png

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Sorry for the long time in replying...Computer had to go in to be fixed.  I have done what you have suggested from the computer version and it takes me to the online version which is exactly the same as the online version I login on.  870+ notes  on computer and 229 online with 100% upload still available.


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20 hours ago, lorenadana said:

This problem is happening to me too. Does somebody knows how to fix it?

The notes created on Evernote for Windows won't upload. But it is syncing the notes created on Evernote Web.

Since you have a Premium subscription, this might be a case for contacting technical support (https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new). If they sort it out for you, you could report back here, and it might be useful for others who experience this.

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