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  1. I cannot use or change the VPN due the policies of the company I work for, so unfortunately I gave up using Evernote for Windows. I am now using only Evernote for Web, which is a shame =/
  2. Hi, Evernote for Windows is not uploading my notes. When it syncs, only the notes created on Evernote Web get downloaded. It is very frustrating. I have already talked with the support, but there is not solution for the issue. I have uninstalled the program, logged off, rebooted, logged in again, tried to synch, checked Internet Explorer advanced connection options (all looks good)... I suppose there is something wrong with the application. There is nothing from my side I believe I can do anymore. Any thoughts about it?
  3. This problem is happening to me too. Does somebody knows how to fix it? The notes created on Evernote for Windows won't upload. But it is syncing the notes created on Evernote Web.
  4. This is happening to me too while using Evernote for Windows. I honestly don't know what else to do. The notes from Evernote Web are syncing, but the notes I create on Evernote for Windows won't upload. Very frustrating.
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