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  1. I have a very new HP ENVY 360 It will sync from the web version of Evernote but will not upload notes to the web. Have tried all the suggestions on the help page...i.e checked only one account, reinstalled it on the laptop, installed on a different computer and that works. What would be stopping the upload from my computer? I have checked my firewall and Evernote is not on it at all. Would this cause what is happening?
  2. Im still having issues with it not syncing and Im pretty sure it is the same account...i.e I didnt accidentally set up another account. I opened Evernote on my computer then went to Help and opened Go to my Account then click on go to notes so it is the same account. Ive tried using the old version and the new version. IO have an HP Envy 360 that has just come out of the shop today. I use chrome but I tried logging in on Explorer incase that was the issue.
  3. Sorry for the long time in replying...Computer had to go in to be fixed. I have done what you have suggested from the computer version and it takes me to the online version which is exactly the same as the online version I login on. 870+ notes on computer and 229 online with 100% upload still available.
  4. Still can not sync. This morning it has frozen on my computer so I can not use it AT ALL. I can not even exit out of it.
  5. I am still unable to sync my laptop with the web version... I have just had my upload reset my 60mb for the fourth month and only been able to sync the first day I used it. i.e only use 1 lot of the 60mb per month upload, should have had 3 more times I could upload 60mb. I have just noticed that my computer version is stuck on the date of Feb 13th... I can not get rid of the calendar or change it. Ive added a pic to show.
  6. Hi there Ive been using evernote since Feb13th this year and it has only synced once on the first day of use... I have it only on two devices. I am writing my notes on my laptop and am trying to get it to sync with the web version. I have all the sync settings checked. I try to force it to sync by tapping the sync icon but it still does not sync. I have 100% of my upload remaining for this month.. It resets in 4 hrs. Help am I missing a step? Using windows 10 on an HP with Chrome..(Also opened up web Evernote with Internet Explorer still no sync) Any help would be appreciated. I
  7. Hi all My Evernote has not and will not sync. All the options are checked in settings. I only use two devices. It synced once when I started using Evernote in Feb this year but wont sync again. I have 60mb left for this month.... I do the notes on my computer. I have attached the synchronization options, a clip showing only the two devices used and the web version showing last updated feb13th. Any help will be really appreicated.
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