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I have a free account. A note has disappeared! And I'm beside myself. In all my years of using Evernote, a note has never gone missing.

I don't see a "History" option.

Why do I have to pay to retrieve a note that vanished -that I didn't do or inadvertently do?

It looks like I have to pay for a premium membership to receive support. I am disheartened over this.

Please advise.

Thank you kindly.


Kelly Guzman

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Hi, Kelly, and welcome to the forums. Note history is a paid feature because ... well, because they have to charge for something to stay in business, and this is one of the things they chose to charge for. You can sign up for Premium for just one month, access your note's history (which is retained for all notes on all accounts, Basic or Premium), and then cancel the Premium subscription and drop back to Basic. Hope this is some help.

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In general note history can do good in many cases. As Dave said, it runs for all accounts in the background, as well while on Basic. You can just not access it, but the history data is all there.

What it will not do is retrieve a note that had not yet been synced to the server. Note history is running on the server, so a note that did not sync will not be retrievable.

@ebizmarket Maybe check about what „vanished“ means before upgrading ! If it was saved to a client, you can go to the web client (never counts as a device) to have a look at the server status.

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On 4/27/2020 at 12:15 PM, ebizmarket said:

 "History" option....I'll go premium.

Warning, Note History backup data is accessed through the note   
if the note is "vanished", you won't have access to the data

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