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Can’t use Web version on iPad

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Except you can, as I was doing it fine until it suddenly realised and told me that my browser was too old/unsupported, then that evernote web specifically is not unusable iPad. This is ridiculous and one of only two things; yet another attempt to push people into the app so they can’t circumvent the completely unjustified and blatant money-grubbing device limit, or a reflection of the quality of the product that they expect people to pay for. Currently the only reason I’m still bothering with Evernote (apart from not having the time to fully migrate & use the much kinder and generous alternatives) is the web version. I have many devices, but I refuse to pay for something that used to be free and has no justifiable reason to suddenly cost money. Upload limits etc., sure, but i don’t need any of those premium features or i’d pay. There is no technical or practical reason for extra devices being limited, it’s pure corporate greed from a once respectable company that’s slowly strangling itself. 


Anyway, I digress & waste my breath. This company’s profits come from people for whom $10 a month is nothing, but that is not me, so my needs are not of interest to profits and customer satisfaction. I just kindly request that the web version be “made compatible” with iPad, I do not want to use the app as that means I have to pay, no ifs and buts about it.

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41 minutes ago, neurongrower said:

Except you can, as I was doing it fine until it suddenly realised and told me that my browser was too old/unsupported, then that evernote web specifically is not unusable iPad.

Confirmed, we've always been able to use the web version on an iPad

For older browsers, we have to switch to desktop mode with a longpress of the refresh key in the address boxD67BFEF8-15D0-4A30-917F-9CBA594E2D31.jpeg.05342e5dfe36005c0684a509a22d7b13.jpeg

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In general all iPads that run with the new iPadOS (which is iOS 13 and above) will behave as a desktop browser by itself. Here the login will work by only typing in evernote.com, and use the login credentials.

On every iPad that can not run iOS 13, the browser is identified as a mobile browser. Then it works like DTLow showed in his post. This has not changed, before iOS 13 it was always necessary to switch to the desktop version of the browser to start EN.

So both ways, no need to complain here. It did work on the iPad, and it still works, if one knows about the OS-side limitations of the device. It is like no computer, and it is (still) no computer !

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I'm not a tech savvy, neither a guru in computer, but recently, if i open EV in a browser on ipad, there's always a pop-up saying to open the app, and by no mean i can login to EV via a web browser. The reason i want to login into the web-based EV is to see if all my notes and clips (done with EV Clipper) are there, because all my devices are not updated. It was a pleasure to use EV, now ...!!! (a pain???). I used to be a premium member since years ago. Maybe i must pay more attention to the old post (2017) :  

"Geotrouvetout67.  Posted July 22, 2017

I find extremely frustrating to be blocked from accessing my notes via an iPad without using the app. For that reason I am looking for another note solution, Zoho or DS Note are in sight for me."

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First you are taking a post from 2017 and take it as if no time had passed. With iPadOS the web client will open directly.

Second that post had been wrong in 2017 as well, because it was possible even back then. Here is how:

The web version is only allowed when the browser identifies itself as „desktop“ version. With all newer iOS versions the iPad Safari should already do this. If it doesn’t, tap on the address field on top, the one where it shows the web sites name (URL). To the left you will see an AA symbol. Tap on it. A menu opens, there should be an option „Desktop website“ or similar (I am not on an English iOS). Tap on it to switch from the mobile browser to the desktop browser.

When the browser identifies itself as „desktop“, EN will open the web client.

Using this trick you can even open the web client on an iPhone.

P.S. You don’t need an excuse to leave EN - it is just a piece of software, so if you don’t feel good using it any more, just take your bucks and data, and put them somewhere else.

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