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  1. I'm not a tech savvy, neither a guru in computer, but recently, if i open EV in a browser on ipad, there's always a pop-up saying to open the app, and by no mean i can login to EV via a web browser. The reason i want to login into the web-based EV is to see if all my notes and clips (done with EV Clipper) are there, because all my devices are not updated. It was a pleasure to use EV, now ...!!! (a pain???). I used to be a premium member since years ago. Maybe i must pay more attention to the old post (2017) : "Geotrouvetout67. Posted July 22, 2017 I find extremely frustrating to b
  2. Thanks for all the people who suggest to deinstall then reinstall the app. I’ve tried this, and the app syncs again. But i’d say that: 1.All the pending notes are lost after the reinstall. 2.The new clips mostly are incomplete. 3.For me, the desktop app is not synced all the time (frustrating!). I decide not to quit Evernote for now, but which alternatives do you suggest? It was a pleasure to use the app. Now it’s a pain! (2 and 3 above) Again, thank you all for the deinstsll-reinstall process.
  3. Im a premium subscr since years ago. Now evernote just hangs up with a black banner saying that there are 27 clips to be updated. How to overcome the issue? Besides, most of the clips are incomplete. Another issue is that evernote doesn’t sync across all the devices i have. thank you all for a possible solution to my problems.
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