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  1. Just putting my voice out there as yet another person who can't use Evernote on Android currently and for some time because it simply crashes everytime I open it. Currently stuck on 10.16 as 10.17 isn't available for me yet for whatever reason, hoping they deigned us the courtesy of fixing this in that update. Curious how this is being completely ignored. I finally gave in, pushed all my deep-rooted hatred for this company aside, and opted for one year. I won't be renewing that now, but I would like to be able to use what I have payed for in the mean time. I will not be uninstalling, clearing storage or restarting so don't suggest it. It is not my job to make something I pay for function, this is very basic stuff, not hard. I am also unmotivated to contact support as I did this just a few months ago for an issue that seemed specific to my device but was nonetheless equally unacceptable and - surprise! - I ended up having to solve myself because support simply bounced me around and did nothing. I'd like to hope that the Android app devs read these threads, if so; do your jobs please, it isn't difficult to make a stable app that actually runs, especially when it's paid and would be nice if even one component of this horrid excuse for a company had some integrity and compentency.
  2. Except you can, as I was doing it fine until it suddenly realised and told me that my browser was too old/unsupported, then that evernote web specifically is not unusable iPad. This is ridiculous and one of only two things; yet another attempt to push people into the app so they can’t circumvent the completely unjustified and blatant money-grubbing device limit, or a reflection of the quality of the product that they expect people to pay for. Currently the only reason I’m still bothering with Evernote (apart from not having the time to fully migrate & use the much kinder and generous alternatives) is the web version. I have many devices, but I refuse to pay for something that used to be free and has no justifiable reason to suddenly cost money. Upload limits etc., sure, but i don’t need any of those premium features or i’d pay. There is no technical or practical reason for extra devices being limited, it’s pure corporate greed from a once respectable company that’s slowly strangling itself. Anyway, I digress & waste my breath. This company’s profits come from people for whom $10 a month is nothing, but that is not me, so my needs are not of interest to profits and customer satisfaction. I just kindly request that the web version be “made compatible” with iPad, I do not want to use the app as that means I have to pay, no ifs and buts about it.
  3. I disagree. It's odd to force users to pay for basic functionality that costs the company no extra to provide. I'm not talking about quota, just the number of devices you can access your notes from. The whole program is completely unusable once exceeded. It is blatant, shameful money-grabbing.
  4. We REALLY need this feature, so many loyal users have been desperately hanging on to a slowly fading company despite lacking this feature. The most recent manifestation of this missing feature is a maximum number of device unsyncs per month in a desperate attempt to force users to pay for basic functionality. This is just ludicrous! I understand that this company has been its own worst enemy for years, but it's not too late to correct that! Would be great if you finally institute less shameful business practices, would make Evernote great.
  5. Evernote is now unusable on the second OS of my PC as I've supposedly reached my maximum number of unsyncs. This is obviously an error as I was able to happily unsync my devices regularly to stay within the two device limit. I can't see why this would something intentional, it's not like this company is slowly sinking and desperate for money so reaching for yet even more unsavoury methods of squeezing money out of their loyal customers??? Either way, this means I can no longer use Evernote after so many years so will be switching to OneNote. I suggest someone look into this clearly defective functionality if future users would like to be retained.
  6. I guess this is just a bug report of sorts as it's clearly the program. It's been happening consistently for months and is one of the many reasons I suspended my plus membership. For example, just tonight I was searching for a recipe in all notes/my recipes notebook and the key word would not return any of the recipes with that word clearly in the title/contents. This happens regularly. Hoping this can be fixed as something so fundamental should not be so broken.
  7. So I've been waiting for my usage to reset because I went over my limit & have been stuck using temporary note books, but it won't reset. I've restarted the program and my computer, signed in & out but it won't change; still have the warning about having reached my limit up the top & the incessant pop-up that I apparently need to see every 30 seconds if I dare do anything to a non-local note. I checked on the web version and it's correct, saying I have 24 days and 100% of my upload left, but the desktop client says 24 days left with 100% used, this is incorrect. I really don't have time to waste on buggy programs, is there a fix for this?
  8. Basically the title. I'm getting the incessant pop-up about reaching my limit and that changes won't be synced - which in itself is doing a darn good job at stopping me from doing anything anyway - but now my notes won't even save locally when I click the close button the new note window. Surely this isn't an intentional limitation because I have the audacity to not pay for premium? How can I get around this?
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