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Evernote and Claris Connect

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3 hours ago, thom382 said:

I think that it would be a great idea to have a link between Evernote and the new plateform of Claris (ex Filemaker) Claris Connect.

What do you think ? (Evernote staff, users...)

I doubt there's much interest in the Claris platform for Evernote users    
Perhaps more interest in the Claris forums

>>In my case, I think to transfer the content of an Evernote note to a Filemaker pro CMS app...

I''d recommend taking a look at existing features to see if note transfer is possible   
For Apple Mac users, I see that both services have Applescript integration   
something like    
tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced" 
      create new record in table 1 with data {"aa", "bb", "cc"} 
end tell 

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Haven't used Claris, but by the look of their website they're a workflow automation company connecting different types of software together. Doesn't look like they're linked/ integrated with any of the other (dozens of) applications mentioned there - what would Evernote need to do?

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Claris / FileMaker belongs to those dinosaurs of the software industry - remember WordPerfect and Lotus 123, among others ? As far as I remember they were among the first real data bases available for the first generation of Macintosh computers. Probable they are searching their own role in a world of non-relational, object-oriented databases.

So I think the thread owner should share his ideas about what to use it for with the forum, for an open discussion.

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It has evolved since then, and has millions of users, so there's that. It is fully relational, so not sure what you mean? Small businesses have been using it because it is fully customizable, and you can arrange and create reports pretty easily, as well as mobile apps, on the fly. In my case I want to integrate customer interactions. I am able to capture my calls into a log, with Callrail/Claris integration. I'd like to do the same with other things that I organize with Evernote.

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Hi.  Given that this thread has been quiet for a year,  I wouldn't think that Evernote developers will be leaping to create any in-app connections;  but there are several automation apps that do connect different applications together,  so I would think that one of them could allow you to create a link between one action in Claris and creating a note.

Zapier is one such app,  though there seem to be dozens for both desktop and mobile...

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