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I'm trying to export my master Filing Cabinet notebook to an .enex file, which I've done a hundred times.  But the export became stuck on note 7361 of 7573.  I deleted some unneeded notes and then the export became stuck on note 7261 of 7321.  To a layman, it seems as though there's a pesky note somewhere in there hanging up the backup, but I don't know which one.  (Running on Win10.)  Thanks.

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Maybe it helps to fix database problems.

Hold down the ctrl/strg-key before clicking on the HELP-menu. There will be new options added at the base of the menu list. Some are used to fix glitches in the data base. Depending on the size of the data, it may take a while to execute each of them, one by one (wait long enough before continuing).

If it is a database issue, this should fix it.

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...what @PinkElephant said;  plus - worst case,  try exporting half your notes. If that works, do half the rest - repeat as necessary.  Whichever export fails contains your note error(s)...  Try more halves (if necessary) to narrow that down.

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