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  1. I had to reinstall Scansnap after moving up to Windows 10. In ScanSnap Manager (Standard, Scan to Evernote (Document)), under the Save tab I set the Image Saving Folder to be the same folder as the Import Folder in Evernote. The result was that I was getting two copies of the scanned note. But when I change the location of the Image Saving Folder in Scansnap to another folder - any other folder - I get only one scanned note in Evernote and another scanned pdf file in the Scansnap folder. My question: How does the file get to Evernote if I don't tell Scansnap to send it to Evernote's Import Folder? Thanks. (P.S. I realize I'm going to have to clean out the Scansnap folder periodically.)
  2. Follow-up: 1. I understand that Evernote dropped its support for iOS 6 two months after the release of iOS 7. So, I'm guessing I won't get an iOS 6 compatible version on the download of the Evernote app from iTunes. Please confirm for me. 2. I also understand that the "last compatible version" option isn't available in iTunes for the Evernote app for use with the earlier IOS 6 version. Also please confirm for me. Thanks very much for your help.
  3. Yes, I understand about the unsynced notes, and thanks. My question is whether whatever version of Evernote is now available for download from iTunes will work on my IOS 6 iPhone. I've read that Evernote has abandoned the folks who have not yet moved to IOS 7. Before I uninstall/reinstall to fix a problem I want to make sure I'll be able to reinstall on my IOS 6 iPhone.
  4. I'm running IOS 6.1.3 on my iPhone 4S. (I know, it's time to upgrade.) Some notes created on my Evernote iPhone aren't syncing, although notes created on my PC show up on my iPhone. To fix this, I planned to uninstall/reinstall Enote on my iPhone. Question - If I uninstall Enote, will the Enote app version I download from iTunes work on my IOS 6 iPhone? Thanks.
  5. I use File|Export (Windows version) to export my notes in ENEX format. (I also save my data by backing up the .exb file.) But how may versions of the .enex export files should I keep, just the most recent one? Thanks.
  6. I had previously confirmed that emails were being sent to the same address. But in double checking I discovered that I had not completed a re-PIN on my iPhone following a feared hack a couple of days ago. That cured the problem: the emails weren't getting out. So you guys did solve it after all. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Steve
  7. I'm running iOS 6 on my iPhone and have upgraded to Evernote 5 for Windows. I can still email a note from my PC to Evernote and used to do it all the time from by iPhone. But emails from my iPhone aren't received any more, and I can only figure the new kid on the block is E5 for Windows. Any ideas? Thanks. Steve
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