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Web clipper - any way to keep a link to the page?

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20 hours ago, Tony Mottaz said:

When I use the web clipper, I always want the clipped note to contain a link back to the page. Is there any way to set that up?

It should be doing that already, At least it does on a Windows PC and IOS.  Image of a note created by and Article clip below.  What platform/browser are you using to clip?


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7 minutes ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

Well, @CalS, that's in the URL area of the ... what, metadata? At any rate, I think Tony is wanting it to appear automatically in the body of the note, and I don't think at this point that that works. At least not in Windows.

Yup, in the note header area.  True, only way I know to get the URL in the body of the note is to drag it there.  

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@Tony Mottaz I know of no option in the Clipper or EN client to put the URL of a clipped page automatically in the body of the note. It *will* automatically appear in the URL field of the note's meta-data.

If you want it in the body as well, you could do that with only a few extra steps. Copy the URL from your browser's address bar, which you can do before you open the clipper or while it is open (in Chrome on Windows at least!). Then paste the URL into the "Add Remark" field of the clipper dialog. I've marked that with a red arrow in the screenshot. This will make the URL appear at the top of the main body of the clipped note.

I suppose there might even be a way to fully automate this procedure using Filterize or IFTTT to grab the URL from the meta-data and insert it into the note itself...I'll leave that to you to investigate.

Add remark.png

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3 hours ago, Tony Mottaz said:

Ohhhhh it's in the note metadata! I missed that. Thanks so much, @CalS, @Dave-in-Decatur, @John in Michigan USA - having it in the note would be preferable, but if it's in the metadata that works for me!

You are welcome.  In those instances where it is a one to one relationship, clip to note, it may be a bit better?  Link is always there at the top of the note panel so don't have to find it in the note body.  FWIW.

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