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Disappointed with Evernote

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Hello, dear Evernote user friends! 😀

Today, I come here to publish my dissatisfaction with the Evernote program made available to us and I will explain everything in detail.

Well, I am a student of Production Engineering in Brazil and I have used the program as a central HUB for the digitalization of tasks, tables and activities via the web. Up to that point, congratulations evernote!

But, lately I've been typing and I see the precarious editor is. It is out of date on several points - when compared to OneNote®. My notes consist of equations, tables, images ... Anyway, everything that any student uses.

When trying to insert an equation, its impossibility was noticed - I had to type in a web page, download the image and attach it in my note. This same process does not occur with OneNote in which it comprises commands in LaTeX. 😡 I realized that to insert tables and images they have defined shapes and insertion fields. I wish there was more freedom - WORD could be taken as an example.

General layout: The app for smartphone and PC / MAC are OK. Despite maintaining a functional layout, it is notable that the PC / MAC program is "ugly".

In short, despite the Evernote app being my favorite, I ended up noticing that the EVERNOTE Company needs to work on an application more consistent with the current use and rediscover itself in making Evernote the Best Notes Application WITHOUT EFFORT

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7 hours ago, by.bruno said:

But, lately I've been typing and I see the precarious editor is.

Evernote provides a free editor for use with notes
This is a note editor with basic features, and based on an enml format (basically html)

For extended features, I use an external editor
For example; Apple Pages with the document stored as an attachment

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Requests for some of the things that you mention, e.g. Latex support, have already been made. You should seek them out in the appropriate feature request forum (https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/449-product-feedbackfeature-requests/) and add your vote/commentary. Being specific about what you want is far better than vague requests like "needs to work on an application more  consistent with the current use and rediscover itself".

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