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  1. Dear and dear Evernote lovers ❤, I'm Bruno and I've been using Evernote a lot since 2016. I participated in some problems that the application had for Windows / Android (such as synchronization error, bug, etc.), I saw claims that the Evernote design was unified, the migration to the google cloud platform, among others. I am faithful to the Great Elephant 🐘 Some time ago I migrated my files to OneDrive due to the Microsoft 365 productivity suite and I use university services from the company Dropbox. The Evernote app currently has a shortcut to Google Drive - and for me, it's not use
  2. Hello, dear Evernote user friends! 😀 Today, I come here to publish my dissatisfaction with the Evernote program made available to us and I will explain everything in detail. Well, I am a student of Production Engineering in Brazil and I have used the program as a central HUB for the digitalization of tasks, tables and activities via the web. Up to that point, congratulations evernote! But, lately I've been typing and I see the precarious editor is. It is out of date on several points - when compared to OneNote®. My notes consist of equations, tables, images ... Anyway, everythin
  3. Hi, yes, it's a serious case. One of the errors in Windows is the one shown in the attachment. At certain times, Evernote does not open. On Android: When you are editing a note, the formatting done via smartphone unconfigures it. Well, I use Evernote as my center of everything I do. I have tried other applications with the same intention, but I always go back to Dear Elephant. I believe that as a productivity company, certain mistakes can not happen, such as those already mentioned above.
  4. Hi, how are you? (hope so) I have been an Evernote user for over 2 years (on this account) and over 3 years on old accounts. And, unfortunately, my patience with the platform is running out. I have reached the limit of my tolerance for a few reasons: Notes that disappear; Windows Errors; Different formatting between smartphone (android) and PC; Instabilities; I make it clear: I love the app, but already reported and known bugs still persist for both Windows and Android users. I do not know what it will look like in the future, but if I continue this way, I will
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