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OCR and or document search is not working.

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Took a screen shot of your image above.  Seemed to work for me.  You have to let the note "bake" for a bit on the server for the OCR of the image to be completed.  Hit sync a few times.  Took a few minutes for me.


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Absolutely amazing. I copied from the video as a screenshot, send it from the camera roll of my iPad into EN, and it was OCRed within of 1 Minute after the new note was created:

Not all words were identified. We know that typical fill words like the, is, have etc. are not in search results. And the handwriting is a bit up and down, maybe there will be words that are not detected. But in general very good, and super fast !



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As per the others, I used a screenshot of your note1810508671_ScreenShot2020-02-18at3_51_33PM.png.9383b0eca2621850e724153c7fd54737.png
Evernote processed it and generated a text file, listed below
It's hit and miss with handwriting depending on various factors,
for the best results use typing

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE recoIndex PUBLIC "SYSTEM" "http://xml.evernote.com/pub/recoIndex.dtd"><recoIndex docType="unknown" objType="image" objID="80f33de5967dd37671bb3fed401d6120" engineVersion="" recoType="service" lang="en" objWidth="303" objHeight="228">
<item x="35" y="11" w="28" h="9">
     <t w="28">slept</t>
     <t w="24">seen</t>
     <t w="23">sept</t>
     <t w="20">SL(PT</t>
     <t w="16">5t.(PT</t></item>
<item x="73" y="13" w="10" h="6">
     <t w="27">In</t></item>
<item x="89" y="10" w="31" h="9">
     <t w="21">tree</t>
     <t w="16">wee</t>
     <t w="16">ore</t></item>
<item x="221" y="23" w="19" h="8">
     <t w="27">IRS</t></item>
<item x="37" y="39" w="24" h="9">
     <t w="37">good</t>
     <t w="20">Gooc,</t></item>
<item x="70" y="39" w="13" h="8">
     <t w="15">S.</t>
     <t w="15">s</t>
     <t w="14">sr</t>
     <t w="12">SE</t></item>
<item x="88" y="41" w="22" h="8">
     <t w="32">FOR.</t>
     <t w="27">FOR,</t>
     <t w="16">ma</t>
     <t w="15">Mr.</t>
     <t w="14">Me.</t></item>
<item x="72" y="61" w="35" h="9"><t w="27">asked</t></item><item x="119" y="62" w="10" h="8"><t w="61">To</t><t w="13">TG</t><t w="13">,o</t></item><item x="218" y="64" w="27" h="9"><t w="11">add</t><t w="11">and</t></item><item x="252" y="61" w="36" h="10"><t w="13">rata</t></item><item x="37" y="74" w="48" h="14"><t w="20">ghosted</t></item><item x="105" y="95" w="12" h="6"><t w="47">so</t><t w="18">;$0</t><t w="11">$0</t></item><item x="19" y="120" w="13" h="7"><t w="25">-l</t></item><item x="40" y="120" w="19" h="7"><t w="41">AM</t></item><item x="69" y="118" w="12" h="7"><t w="42">so</t></item><item x="206" y="115" w="23" h="8"><t w="25">me</t><t w="20">Rae</t></item><item x="249" y="115" w="10" h="6"><t w="18">UT</t><t w="18">VI</t></item><item x="112" y="128" w="49" h="9"><t w="12">coming</t></item><item x="92" y="132" w="10" h="7"><t w="40">is</t><t w="13">l!.I</t></item><item x="111" y="131" w="12" h="7"><t w="22">c.o</t></item><item x="81" y="160" w="39" h="12"><t w="25">sweep</t><t w="22">weep</t><t w="21">SW eee</t><t w="21">so eee</t><t w="20">sweet</t><t w="20">SW gee</t><t w="20">so gee</t><t w="18">SW bee</t><t w="18">so bee</t><t w="18">SW EET</t></item><item x="138" y="163" w="15" h="8"><t w="22">Liu</t><t w="18">lie</t><t w="12">Li u</t><t w="10">Lt u</t></item><item x="157" y="162" w="16" h="7"><t w="10">Lee</t></item><item x="91" y="205" w="21" h="9"><t w="34">we</t></item><item x="175" y="115" w="35" h="98"><t w="28">left</t><t w="27">Lia</t><t w="22">EFT</t><t w="14">l i J</t></item><item x="138" y="13" w="68" h="61"><t w="18">Ill.</t><t w="17">I'll</t><t w="17">[ll.</t><t w="16">{ll.</t><t w="15">h</t><t w="15">IBP</t><t w="13">VF</t></item></recoIndex>


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Personally, if I create handwriting I prefer to do it in Goodnotes 5, have it OCRed by the Goodnotes engine and import it later as a pdf into EN.

When it comes with OCR, EN will not OCR it again. 

However, if it comes already handwritten I rely on the EN OCR as well. The OCR from pictures is amazing - it extracts the text from the sticker of a wine bottle even when it comes bottle-shaped bend and with 3D-perspective as a JPEG, taken under "romantic" light conditions.

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