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Missing: Reminder function

Andreas H.

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18 hours ago, Andreas H. said:

Didn't I see it or is it not implemented yet?


What features and functions are not available compared to the older version of Evernote Web?

There are a number of features and functions that will currently require you to switch back to the older version of Evernote Web. These include:

  • Create and execute saved searches

  • Multi-file and advanced attachments

  • Drag and drop to desktop

  • Set reminders

  • Access Work Chat messages

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7 minutes ago, shea said:

What in the world is going on? No reminders in the new version? This is crazy. When is this coming back?

I'm guessing you're looking at a beta version that doesn't have a complete featureset

You may want to switch to the non-beta version

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Kind of...I'm on the new version. I switched back to the non-beta new version. On my business account I still don't get a reminder button. Then, on my personal (free) account I get the little clock, but it doesn't do anything when clicked.

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If you click on the button with your initial to get at your account, etc., there's an option to return to the "previous version" of Evernote. That version does have the little green clock at top left, and when I click it I can create and edit reminders. What browser are you in on the free account where the clock doesn't work when clicked?

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I do see the clock on the old version and it works. I was hoping to be able to use the new version because there are some text editing glitches in the old version that are annoying that aren't in the new version. I've tried Chrome and Safari. Same issue with both.

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I mainly use the Windows desktop and Android apps. I've come to enjoy working in the Web beta, though, because of the highlight coloring options. As things stand now, however, the 3(!) Web versions are pretty disjointed. Perhaps we should think of the Evernote Web interface as being in its adolescence: awkward, sometimes clumsy, wildly inconsistent, but showing the promise of the grownup software it can become. But it has some maturing to do before I hand it the car keys.

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I like that metaphor.  @iansmall actually replied to me when I mentioned I had feedback.  I hope he sees it here. Without the reminder function, I'd be dead in the water.

I make extensive use of the reminder function Evernote for Windows and Android. The feature appears to be (?)is non-existent on the Web and behaves differently on the  iOS platform. I would like to request and encourage consistent behavior across all of the platforms. More specifically, please do not ABANDON the date and time based features found in Reminder function.  It will render the product useless for me and I suspect many others.

Today in Evernote for Windows (308716) Public (CE Build ce-62.5.9981), I see reminders displayed in 

All Notes View


In date and time order within a pre-defined search i.e. Due Today


As well as in context to my Getting Things Done (GTD) Notebook Stack



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On 10/29/2019 at 10:06 AM, hksmith said:

Without the reminder function, I'd be dead in the water.

@hksmith I think it's safe to say we'd neither want you dead, nor in the water, nor any combination of both.

As @DTLow pointed out above, we are expressly acknowledging that our modern web experience does not yet have all the functionality we'd like it to have, and all the functionality it needs in order for it to meet a reasonable bar for all of you.  Things like reminders are an excellent example of the gap.  Lack of support for nested tags is another.  Missing features like this that are key to some folks' workflows are one of the reasons - but not the only one, I should caveat - that we've not yet formally made the modern web experience our GA release and become more enthusiastic about promoting people off older versions of our web client.

That being said, the majority of our web users find the upsides of this newest version worth some of those compromises.  It's our job over time to maximize the upside and minimize the compromises.  To get there, we still have work to do at many levels in the code, including UX, functionality and plumbing.  You've seen some of that in the investments we've been making in the new editor (which you can all experience now), in the new search implementation (watch here if you haven't encountered it yet), and in other areas as well.  And with the new search implementation, you've seen us not just improve search, but also close the gap around creating and accessing saved searches - one of the gaps mentioned in the list that @DTLow highlighted in his post.

As to your specific ask, we've already looked at various different ways to bring reminders into this experience.  We're still discussing how and when to do so.  But one way or another, we'll get there.

Back to lurking

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13 hours ago, Ian Small said:

@hksmith I think it's safe to say we'd neither want you dead, nor in the water, nor any combination of both. @Ian Small- LOL! And, you ROCK.  I echo Sugeeth's sentiments above.

As to your specific ask, we've already looked at various different ways to bring reminders into this experience.  We're still discussing how and when to do so.  But one way or another, we'll get there.  

I  missed @DTLow's explicit call out ... my bad.  I appreciate the continued discussion and focus here and 'behind the scenes'.  That said, and as you weigh options, remember that the date/time ordering in  ALL views is what likely matters most to people using this function. I used a GTD-based organization structure and have nested folders set up to facilitate 'context' views in the GTD methodology.  Today, in the old web editor, those sub-folders take precedent over the date/time?   Where I can see a single, date/time ordered list in Evernote for Windows/Android, I cannot see that in current web version - see attached pics.  In short, if, or rather when ;-) reminders make it in, the ability to see a sorted by date/time ordered view is paramount.



Reminders ordered by nested stacked folders.jpg

Evernote for Windows Reminders List.jpg

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