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Removal of " Templates" tab on every new note

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16 minutes ago, Notemonkey said:

an annoying box with " templates" appears. How do I remove it please.

I start typing and the box disappears 🙂

If you post this as a feature request, I'll add my vote.  I don't use the templates feature

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3 hours ago, Notemonkey said:

Hello. I have noticed that every time I open a new note an annoying box with " templates" appears. How do I remove it please. Its a recent addition to the new note page.

What's the big deal? You start typing, and that text goes away. Entirely harmless, and useful for the people who do use templates.

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I think it is a leftover from the time when it was introduced.

It shall remind you what a great tool you are using, and that there is this new cool option.

In general I agree that it is sort of helpful to have the templates layer, and one has to approve that they really made it super easy to use. But this ease of use comes along with having it sitting right there on top of every new note.

So as said before, just ignore and start typing ! Or better, think about the notes you start regularly, and if you could not create the one or other template to make things faster and more structured for yourself. Templates can really help you to achieve this.

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