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Is Evernote only and iOS/Apple tool (very slow synchronization on Android)

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hello everyone,

I recently changed from Apple iOS to android. Everything is working fine and I got all my notes downloads, but lately it's taking longer and longer to synchronize.

I have about 15,000 notes give and take and I use Evernote a lot. Today the phone (Samsung Notes 10+) is synchronizing more than four hours, and I think it may have to update and add 30 notes from yesterday. This is making it difficult to use the app. When do you have time to sit and wait for hours to get your notes synchronized. It looks to me like it's running through all the notes in the system when he synchronizes one by one rather than just adding and updating recently added and changed notes. That does not make a lot of sense.

And yes my Internet is fine, my phone is working correctly, has enough, space, my desktop computer is working correctly I'm in IT and I've checked all the things. 

In comparison iOS does not have the same problem, and when I synchronized my iPad it took only 30 seconds.

is Evernote only and iOS/Apple tool?

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39 minutes ago, peterskouhus said:

synchronizing more than four hours, and I think it may have to update and add 30 notes from yesterday.

Are these notes in offline notebooks?   If no, the sync process is processing a small set of metadata

Check the activity log; it might identify the issue

The contact point for Evernote support is https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action

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Hmmn.  Don't know why offline notes would be synced much faster in iOS than in Android,  except I have to wonder whether any syncing got done if the iPhone only took a few seconds.  15,000 notes is quite a lot of data and 'phone networks aren't known for their speed with this sort of thing.  Is it really necessary to have 15,000 offline notes?  If you can cut those down in some way your sync speeds will (or at least should) get faster...

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On 9/28/2019 at 7:53 PM, peterskouhus said:

did forget to mention that all my notes are on my phone i.e. they are all downloaded, so it was basically just a matter of adding getting the additional notes down.

Sure, that's what "offline" notes means.

On 9/28/2019 at 7:53 PM, peterskouhus said:

It does smell like a bug to me. 

Maybe, but it's also possible that that's something to do with Android storage or possibly that your device doesn't have enough room to store all of your offline notes, and is thrashing (i.e. syncing notes that could not be stored on our device). You might check your device / Evernote storage to see whether it's the latter,

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Yes, it may, but I already checked it.

in all fairness to Evernote, I did contact them about the problem. They asked me to send a lot of log files, check and check that. 

At the same time the problem took care of itself so I did not spend 30 min getting all the log files together.

My guess is that my account had some kind of known issue that they just went in and fixed but we shall never know....

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