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  1. Yes, it may, but I already checked it. in all fairness to Evernote, I did contact them about the problem. They asked me to send a lot of log files, check and check that. At the same time the problem took care of itself so I did not spend 30 min getting all the log files together. My guess is that my account had some kind of known issue that they just went in and fixed but we shall never know....
  2. I did forget to mention that all my notes are on my phone i.e. they are all downloaded, so it was basically just a matter of adding getting the additional notes down. I have noticed the slowness before on Android but never on IOS. It does smell like a bug to me.
  3. hello everyone, I recently changed from Apple iOS to android. Everything is working fine and I got all my notes downloads, but lately it's taking longer and longer to synchronize. I have about 15,000 notes give and take and I use Evernote a lot. Today the phone (Samsung Notes 10+) is synchronizing more than four hours, and I think it may have to update and add 30 notes from yesterday. This is making it difficult to use the app. When do you have time to sit and wait for hours to get your notes synchronized. It looks to me like it's running through all the notes in the system when he synchronizes one by one rather than just adding and updating recently added and changed notes. That does not make a lot of sense. And yes my Internet is fine, my phone is working correctly, has enough, space, my desktop computer is working correctly I'm in IT and I've checked all the things. In comparison iOS does not have the same problem, and when I synchronized my iPad it took only 30 seconds. is Evernote only and iOS/Apple tool?
  4. I stand corrected. I am (was) using IOS 13 beta. On uninstalling that the tagging came back. I read the comment above wrongly thinking it was only Evernote Beta being referred to. Thank you all for trying to help - currently in the process of downloading 15000 notes :-)
  5. No. I’m using the version from the App Store. I do t participate in their better program
  6. If you see the attached image, you will see that the “+“ Sign is missing- I cannot add tag. Am I missing something?
  7. You’re right, as I make clear at the beginning of my post I am not pointing fingers and it is possible that I have done it myself. That being said it is a very frustrating experience which cost me three hours today trying to restore back up, Importing notes etc. all without getting closer :-(
  8. So, I got an old backup restored but it is not there...I have en even older backup at home I will try with later.
  9. OK, than you for the anser. Lets say I restore a the old database from Timemachine and get Evernote running again, and find my old notes... what then happen when I start syncing, with the old notes be added again and the notes created since the backup downloaded to Evernote? Also, can you tell me what files I need to get.
  10. Dear Evernoter's Due to this incident: I would like to go back in my backups and see if I can restore old motes. I have the timemachine backup for the longest time. Is it possible to restore individual folders from TimeMachine? If not, it it possible to restore Evernote to another location on my computer and then open it to find the missing notes. I am really in trouble right now. Big trouble as a matter of fact.
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