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Where is the download for Evernote for Windows DESKTOPS

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Where is the download for the current version of Evernote for Windows DESKTOP ACTUAL COMPUTERS - not that "Windows 10" app thing!

Your Evernote download page has ONLY links for Windows 10 APPS, Android and Apple phones and tablets.  There isn't even a link to download for MAC!

Where is the WINDOWS SOFTWARE link?    

Why would we need to download Evernote from File Hippo?   And you have an announcement everyone has to upgrade to the current version of Evernote _ WITH NO LINK TO DOWNLOAD IT.   

I'm installing it on a new computer.

Thank you!   Assuming you want actual customers, which hasn't been clear for a long time.   


Dora Smith

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8 hours ago, villandra said:

There isn't even a link to download for MAC!

When I access the download page on my Mac, I see (screenshot)1110941648_ScreenShot2019-07-05at21_56_19.png.6a6f65189b54f26538aa54f1589ecf2f.png
and get an automatic download of the app

I see "click here" if the automatic download doesn't trigger



For previous versions, I can access the forums for download links; for example https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/119867-evernote-for-mac-710/

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Go to the download page at evernote.com.

Click on the Windows button. Download will start, install etc.

If you go to a search engine, you will find a number of 3rd party download sites, mostly for the Windows client. Just check what they want to install in addition to the EN client.

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FYI, I had this same issue because I was trying to pre-download it from a Linux OS.  If it doesn't recognize your OS it won't offer you the download.  Lame in my opinion. I don't understand why there can't just be a hyperlink to the file; everything is so 'walled garden' these days.  Later when I was at my Windows OS just going to the download page initiated the download without clicking anything additional.  Maybe some kind of security setting is blocking that for you.

Walled gardens.....  I could go off the deep end on that subject; but suffice it to say thanks Apple🤨, the grandfather of restricted access.

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it may be of interest that on my Mac, I could install EN from the App Store plus directly from EN.

It was exactly the same release by number, but it behaved differently on my Mac.

After some trouble with the App Store version I installed the version directly from EN. This worked fine. The reason seems to be that the same software runs from the App Store in a sandboxed environment, which stops some actions. The free version receives updates and is fully integrated, like using web clipper, EN helper etc.

Conclusion: On the Mac, it is possible to install the same program „free“ even when there is this very program available on the App Store. Not so closed as some may believe, or learned from their grandfather ...

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