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  1. Where is the download for the current version of Evernote for Windows DESKTOP ACTUAL COMPUTERS - not that "Windows 10" app thing! Your Evernote download page has ONLY links for Windows 10 APPS, Android and Apple phones and tablets. There isn't even a link to download for MAC! Where is the WINDOWS SOFTWARE link? Why would we need to download Evernote from File Hippo? And you have an announcement everyone has to upgrade to the current version of Evernote _ WITH NO LINK TO DOWNLOAD IT. I'm installing it on a new computer. Thank you! Assuming you want actual cu
  2. It seems to be fixed. I just discovered I have a premium account that expires next month. I didn't get any kind of notification that it's fixed. That would take humans. Thanks, you all, you probably helped get it fixed.
  3. @jbenson2: Ticket# 1295020. It was allegedly sent to the billing team, on November 3. Then it died. Yours, Dora Smith
  4. Explorer: I would certainly have just resubscribed for another month premium subscription if I could have! That would have solved my problem as far as I'm concerned. How and where do I do that?!!! All I can find is 1 year subscriptions! I DID say all of this above, and I also specifically asked how to subscribe on a monthly basis again. Yours, Dora Smith
  5. Does anyone know how to actually reach a human being at Evernote? I HAD a premium monthly subscription. A few days ago I got an email from Evernote saying they couldn't process my debit card payment - the same one I've made my premium payments with for quite some time. Nothing should have been wrong with my debit card account, and when I checked, nothing WAS wrong with my Visa debit card account. There was obviously a problem at Evernote's end. Because I wasn't able to verify my debit card number, they only display to ME the last four digits, I tried to fix it. There is no way to do
  6. I just installed Evernote on Mint 17.1 with Crossover. This suggests it is probably possible in Wine and/or Playonlinux but not necessarily easy. Several dependencies did install with it, though it didn't use the ties feature (where a recipe for that piece of software would have been used to install the dependencies). It works sort of well. Everything displays, including the pdf files, though I did install Fox pdf reader in the bottle (Crossover term for a virtual drive devoted to that software as with Playonlinux). The subject types in invisible ink, but appears in visible ink i
  7. Thanks for this discussion. I followed the instructions above, except I already have version 6 of the Microsoft XML parser installed so left that alone, installed Evernote in Wine. (1.6.2), current versoin of Evernote. It installed but wouldn't open; said I needed to log in and sync my account but didn't give me a chance. I installed it on Playonlinux following the same instructions, and it's syncing now -we'll see. I'm running Ubuntu 14.04. Dora
  8. Someone mentioned that they have been pleased with the Evernote app. Well, guess what. I just tried it. It is specifically for Android. Not only does Evernote have a deal with Microsoft not to make Evernote available on Linux, their developers live on another planet. The one where people use them smartthings instead of a computer.
  9. For the nameless one who posted about three posts before me, there is Nixnote and everpad, and springseed. You have to go to their web sites - and it takes some googling to find nixnote/ nevernote's download page, and more work to find the 32 bit version. Evernote in their snootiness mentioned another version somewhere above. One or more of these purports to sync with evernote. I don't know how well they work; I haven't yet tried them. I have several things I use that don't have versions in Linux; especially my picture puzzle games, my typing practice software, and my genealogical pr
  10. Incidentally, I'm about to put the Evernote install file in my dropbox account in order to move it from my Windows machine to my LInux machine. Once I have it in my dropbox account I can incidentally share it with anyone who needs it. tiggernut24 at yahoo dot com . And don't even bother getting snooty about it, Evernote! I do NOT think so. You don't respect us, I don't have a whole lot of respect for you.
  11. I cannot agree less that Evernote respects its users. Because Windows is dying, and so many people use/ are moving to Linux, what more comes across is that Evernote must have been paid off by Microsoft to not develop Evernote for Linux. This isn't Evernote not doing something some people want them to. This is Evernote shooting itself in the foot while making it impossible for its users to use this platform. What most strongly gives me this impression is that I just tried to DOWNLOAD the install file on my Ubuntu machine, to try it on wine and playonlinux and eventually on crossover, but
  12. It sounds like Evernote needs to grow up. Microsoft has discontinued selling Windows 7, and Windows 8 doesn't work. My family and I need viable computer OS options. We are moving to Linux. The proportion of users using Linux can be expected to grow pretty exponentially pretty quickly, if Evernote staff don't stop calling Linux users children, and get with the program. Evernote is good software. Surely you don't want it become a Dinosaur when Microsoft does?
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