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  1. Where is the download for the current version of Evernote for Windows DESKTOP ACTUAL COMPUTERS - not that "Windows 10" app thing! Your Evernote download page has ONLY links for Windows 10 APPS, Android and Apple phones and tablets. There isn't even a link to download for MAC! Where is the WINDOWS SOFTWARE link? Why would we need to download Evernote from File Hippo? And you have an announcement everyone has to upgrade to the current version of Evernote _ WITH NO LINK TO DOWNLOAD IT. I'm installing it on a new computer. Thank you! Assuming you want actual customers, which hasn't been clear for a long time. Yours, Dora Smith
  2. I submitted a ticket: 1701702. But I understand it helps to post here as well. I scanned material to four pdf files at the library the other day, and I scanned ALL FOUR files with the same scanner - and it saved them all with the same file name, in separate files. Three went into notes with no trouble. The fourth, I get "Could not read file "....pdf", error: Not enough storage is available to process this command. The file is 66 MB. I have a premium account and maximum note size is 200 MB. Still, I printed it to a pdf with a lower level of resolution and black and white, 11 MB and smaller than some of the files I uploaded with no problem, and I get the same thing. I printed a MIDDLE part of the file to pdf with lower resolution in black and white, and that uploaded. But when I tried printing the entire file minus the first page, eg from 2 to 124, in black and white, it would not upload. That should have gotten rid of any corrupt first characters. I used an online pdf compression service to compress at two levels of compression, and that didn't work. I am able to view this pdf file with no trouble; it is not corrupted. I am able to upload every sort of pdf from my desktop to an evernote in the same folder with no trouble. What is wrong and how do I fix it? I am attaching the middle section that uploaded and the black and white version minus the first page. (I attached them to the support ticket.) I am no where near my upload limit, nor my maximum number of notes. I need to access these files tomorrow, and I am not a happy camper!
  3. @gazumped, you are not being helpful by denying that there is a problem. First of all, getting back to you tomorrow doesn't work for very intensive Evernote users such as students and businesses, and second, in my case it took four days and some very visible complaining. Online people are reporting that even going through Chat doesn't get problems caused by the billing system glitch resolved. How would you like to need to study for an exam tomorrow, or term paper due in two days, and "we'll get back to you tomorrow". Not to mention having your presentation on Evernote. Excuse me, but what planet are you on? Not the same planet as Evernote; they are failing to do their job properly to save them money. Your motivation is a true mystery. You don't work for them, right?
  4. @diedhead: I've seen someone who pays yearly report the problem. However, you have only 1/12 the probability of running into Evernote's payment system glitch if you pay annually rather than monthly. Some of us don't have that option. I've run into it twice in the past 13 months.
  5. Following morning would WORK for me, but I really want to just contact Evernote and get back in business. For a student doing a research project, or a business, that definitely would NOT do. For me, it took four days to get their attention by posting here and complaining to the Better Business Bureau.
  6. Oh, I just realized I've actually not replied to one of my own posts! I posted the same problem about two weeks ago. At the time, Evernote knew the problem was at their end and was investigating it - allegedly. AND I posted the SAME problem, on November 26, 2014! After carefully checking to make sure I haven't told the same story on this page.... I solved it by complaining to the Better Business Bureau. And posting my ticket number on the forum. My ticket was escalated to billing and then ignored, until they heard from the Better Business Bureau. Better Business Bureau gives Evernote an A+ rating, based on a grand total of 6 complaints, folks. You all need to start complaining, EVERY time this happens. Put your ticket number in your complaint to the Better Business Bureau, and Evernote will get it. In my answer to the Better Business Bureau, I said, yes, Evernote has resolved the problem, but Evernote's service is only as useful as it is reliable, and problems resolvable instantly, and neither part of that is true. If there isn't the ability to phone Evernote and get a billing problem resolved, the service isn't reliable. Evernote has no excuse for no phone customer support. It makes billions of dollars a year off of its millions of customers.
  7. I think admin had better start reading this forum - atleast, as long as they don't deign to have someone answer the phone. These "post your ticket number here and we'll escalate it" - I don't think so! The NEXT time I run into this issue I WILL post it here, but no posting a ticket number. The Better Business Bureau will have my ticket number. GET WITH IT! And LOSE THE ATTITUDE!!!! Yes, I'm shouting.
  8. You know, I just posted to the wrong post, and I was trying to figure out how, not only did I make virtually the same post almost exactly a year ago, but I'm responding to a current post that is not there. LOL! Seriously, I resolved this one by complaining to the Better Business Bureau, and that's when Evernote customer support suddenly managed to "find" my ticket that was escalated to billing and then nada. You know, when I complained, Evernote had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and five complaints, all resolved. If people complained when they run into this problem AND THERE IS NO PHONE SUPPORT, that rating would slip. Evernote does not belong to the Better Business Bureau, but they've got too much riding on their PR to not care. Incidentally, when they finally did check into it, Evernote admitted the problem was on their end. But a post by someone named "Nancy" in response to the complaints last November, scolded us for complaining about a problem that is usually OUR faults. I am looking into alternatives to Evernote, People. No, Evernote is not up to business use, or dedicated personal use either. It is extremely useful, but only insofar as it is reliable, and it is not reliable. And Evernote's administration have an attitude.
  9. It's hard to believe I had exactly the same problem a year ago that I just had this month. Maybe a date bug? But it isn't yet November 26. I complained of the exact same problem a couple of weeks ago on this forum. Evernote sent me an email telling me it couldn't process my payment, then when I tried to retype my debit card number ot dropped me, and cancelled my account, and no way to contact chat, and no phone number where a human answers. Only after posting here and on Twitter, and filing a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau, did Evernote address it. The support ticket I filed got transferred to a different department and then nada. Evernote admitted that the problem was at their end, and reinstated their account. I frankly didn't notice if I'm suddenly paying a larger amount of money. I wish the attitude "Nancy" posted above surprised me. The Better Business Bureau had 5 complaints, all resolved, when I complained, and gives Evernote an A+ rating. If more people kept complaining of the same problem, that would sure change. It's disgraceful that Evernote doesn't provide actual phone support, where someone answers the phone! It has millions of customers and makes billions of dollars a year. Thanks for hte follow ups, people.
  10. It seems to be fixed. I just discovered I have a premium account that expires next month. I didn't get any kind of notification that it's fixed. That would take humans. Thanks, you all, you probably helped get it fixed.
  11. It actually looks like my issue somehow got fixed. They just didn't deign to notify me they fixed it, because then they'd have to be human. It now tells me I have a premium account and it expires next month.
  12. I mean that the form and hte choices would only come up if they don't already have your credit or debit card information. Otherwise I'm assuming you automatically get charged for a year - because that's what it says happens! I can't afford to lose $45 from my account, I don' t have enough money, and I sure don't trust a company that doesn't straightforwardly provide customer service I can just contact and talk to somebody.
  13. I just created a test account and tried it. What you said above is correct as far as it goes. But this form would only be offered to someone for whom they do not already have an account number. I'm assuming that if they do, and I click that button, it'll just charge me for the $45 or $49 for a yearly subscription! It needs to give people the options on the first screen, if they have options.
  14. Not to mention the fact that it specifically says that if I click on that link the option available is for a year.
  15. Actually, I didn't click on the "premium" option, because it isn't at all clear that if I do it won't simply subscribe me for a year and charge me $45 I can't afford to lose. I really want to CONSULT WITH A LIVE HUMAN BEING before I make that click! Then the human being will be on the PHONE with me to fix it if I get subscribed for a year instead of a month. It's not like much else about your web site makes any sense. Makes any sense would be telephone customer support!
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