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Feature request - Cloud notebook

Dan G.


I noticed that the size of my Evernote database file on Windows grew in excess of 21GB. I assume that at some point, this has to be impacting performance of my Evernote application on Windows. 

I don't want to delete any of my old notes - that would defeat the purpose of Evernote, right? But I don't need all this content to be replicated to my Windows computer either. I am also concern with storage space management on my Windows notebook, which only has a 500GB SSD. 

Evernote allows to have synced Notebooks, and offline Notebooks. Why not add Cloud Notebooks to this list - i.e. a Notebook that would only exist in my Evernote cloud account, and not replicated to my local computer or devices. I have a notebook called Archive, and I think that it would be be great not to have to replicate it locally. 

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You can turn on On Demand Sync if you like, Tools - Options - Synchronization.  Then content is only loaded to your PC when it is accessed.  It has some downsides though, slower searches and the risk of losing data if you merge some notes that have not been downloaded.  Also, exports don't work well as the data may not be there to export.  Trade-offs..

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I've been using Sync on Demand for a few years. Works pretty well. I am using less than 1GB of drive space for my 8GB-9GB evernote notebooks..

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19 hours ago, Dan G. said:

I assume that at some point, this has to be impacting performance of my Evernote application on Windows. 

Yes, maybe - but at 21GB you're not close to the breaking point.

Point: on the IOS/Android platforms, "cloud notebooks" are the default.  Users select notebooks to be offline.

I moved the discussion to the General Feature Request Forum; it's applicable to the Windows/Mac platforms.  I added my vote

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