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  1. EdH's post in Evernote Keeps Asking to Access My Photos :( was marked as the answer   
    I've seen this as well. It happened to me when I allowed Evernote access to selected photos vs all photos. It is a new iOS 14 feature. But it keeps asking. In fairness, I have seen this with other apps too though, so not sure if this is an ios 14 bug or the devs aren't 100% sure how to use the new feature.
    For me the fix was to go into iphone privacy settings and give evernote access to ALL photos, then go back in and deny access. But if you try to import photos again and give it selected access this loop will happen again, so if you do it frequently, give evernote access to all photos. That was all you could do with ios 13 and earlier anyway. 
  2. EdH's post in Find Note GUID in Desktop App was marked as the answer   
    Yes, sort of.
    Grab all of the notes you want the GUID for, then create a table of contents note for them.  Export the TOC note as an ENEX or HTML file. Edit in either exported file in a text editor. extract the GUIDs from the XLM/HTML code.
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