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Create Desktop shortcut to a specific note in a separate note window?

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After reading a few topics, I found a way to get the note url that can be opened from the desktop. However, when clicking the shortcut it opens with the notes list pane, and I have to double click the note to have it open in a new window, which I have setup on another monitor. How can I do that directly from the shortcut without going through that extra step?

note shortcut : evernote:///view/3878310/s99/asdfj;asdf/


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Poked around with this. Found one way to do it, but also some inconsistency.

First I made a note link shortcut on my Windows desktop, of the kind you're showing.(evernote://view/...). Click on it, and it opens the note in the main window.

Second. I keep a Desktop toolbar on my taskbar. Click on the two >> and it brings up the list of all the things on my Windows desktop, really handy since I always have my desktop covered with open windows:


I found that if I Shift+Click on the link in the Desktop list, the note opens up in a separate window (same as in the Evernote application). So that's a way that works.

However, if I Shift+Click on the note link that's on the actual desktop, nothing happens. Indeed, Shift+Click doesn't seem to be recognized anywhere on the Desktop, even though it is in the Toolbar list. That's the inconsistency.

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How did you ever discover the Shift+Click on the desktop list? That's amazing! However, I realize that evernote has to be running in the background for that method to work. If it's not running it doesn't work. Maybe the devs can look into this inconsistent edge case. Though I doubt there would be many users shift clicking on the notes!  I guess there are at least 2 as of now :P.

Anyway thanks for your solution, it worked well, but I'm just putting up with clicking twice for now. 

I wonder if there could a quick hotkey using AHK to make it work? Does shift+click on toolbar send a special command to the application? 


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Ha-ha -- no idea how I stumbled across the Shift+Click thingie. Probably it's just that by now it's just one-of-the-things-to-try when poking around.

I don't know about an AutoHotkey solution. You'll have to wait until one of the AHK gurus comes around -- I've used it in the past, but found it to be more bother than it had worth for me.

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I tried this on my (Win 10) desktop and experienced the same behavior regardless of which method I tried - jefito's method of a Shift+clicking the shortcut from a desktop toolbar on the taskbar, or simply Shift+clicking the shortcut right on the desktop. In both cases Evernote came to the forefront with the preferred note highlighted in the list, but I noticed a weird flash of windows when this happened. Upon further inspection I did find the stand-alone note window, but it was behind the (now maximized) main Evernote window. Evidently, the flash I saw was the note window being launched first, only to then be immediately hidden by the main Evernote window maximizing from it's minimized state on the taskbar. This behavior happened everytime I tried this method. Just for kicks I tried it again WITHOUT Evernote running at all - closed the app, Shift-clicked the shortcut and saw the note window for a nano second before the main Evernote program jumped in front of it again.  This is so close to what I've been looking for, but dangit...why the hiccup??

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Hi, @Pixelpops, and welcome to the forums. This is the same behavior I see, although I don't Shift+Click. I have a shortcut on my (Windows 7) desktop, of the evernote:///view type, and simply clicking it calls up the note in a separate window, but then immediately also opens the main program window, though it does not go to the note in question in that window. I don't know if there's something in Windows that requires this behavior; and I recognize that the extra 2.25 seconds out of my life will not cause long-term harm; but it is a bit annoying.

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17 hours ago, RavBoy said:

Hi @Pixelpops I had the same issue last year, and discovered the solution...see thread here

Thanks, the open-full-screen trick is a good tip. I found that thereafter every note opened in its own window opened full-screen--not my preference, and I had to restore one to my preferred size and close it to go back to that. And I thought for a minute I had a free lunch! :)

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Awesome! Thanks guys...that was just the answer I was looking for. It kinda makes sense now that I hear it (and execute it), but how quirky.  I mean, initially the stand alone note DOES appear first, but half a nano-second later the EN program evidently "has" the focus.  Can't figure if that's an Evernote thing or a Windows thing. 

Now if I could only find that patch of hair I pulled last week....

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