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  1. RavBoy's post in Notes Not Displaying in Windows 10 Desktop App was marked as the answer   
    When in EN-Windows, try hitting the 'F11' key on your keyboard, or via clicking Menu >View >Note List, so that your 'Note List' is displayed.  Also, and just as an aesthetic thing, so as to give you more screen space to view the note editor/note content...I would resize your 'Left Panel'... simply grab the right vertical edge of the panel with cursor and drag.  You've already tried the File > Exit and restart option, so that's unlikely to help.  Also, have you tried creating a new note 'CTRL+N' to see if you're actually able to do so?  Finally, after you view your 'Note List' (F11)... also try F10 to toggle the 'Left Panel' on off (whilst Note List is still displayed)...quirky things can works sometimes
    As for your secondary problem...I think this is due to you having a Basic/Free subscription, in which case I believe EN does not provide basic users support.
  2. RavBoy's post in Huge Font Size in Note Panel View was marked as the answer   
    Try going to 'Task Manager' and closing/exiting out of all Evernote Processes, then restart the app...might work.  Also what did you use to pixelate your image? cheers
  3. RavBoy's post in Deletion of extra space before table, sticking? was marked as the answer   
    I think you're talking about the extra line-break/spacing that EN adds above a table, and as distinct from the just larger spacing EN applies to a line of text that is placed directly above a table, (as per your image), and as compared to the regular reduced line-spacing EN applies between two lines of text.
    I too don't like this additional line-break added above a table. Someone once gave me a good techy explanation for it, but I can't remember. Also, how large/small/number of columns-rows/formatting etc of the Table has no impact on this line-break behaviour. 
    In any case I have found 2-Workarounds to remove the additional line-break are:
    Add your Table 1st... Then place cursor directly above table, and enter your text If Text added 1st, followed by a Table, (EN inserts additional line) > Select/Highlight Text, and Drag to the line directly above the Table To check, sync and exit the Note, then come back in to see if it was saved
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