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  1. Awesome! Thanks guys...that was just the answer I was looking for. It kinda makes sense now that I hear it (and execute it), but how quirky. I mean, initially the stand alone note DOES appear first, but half a nano-second later the EN program evidently "has" the focus. Can't figure if that's an Evernote thing or a Windows thing. Now if I could only find that patch of hair I pulled last week....
  2. I tried this on my (Win 10) desktop and experienced the same behavior regardless of which method I tried - jefito's method of a Shift+clicking the shortcut from a desktop toolbar on the taskbar, or simply Shift+clicking the shortcut right on the desktop. In both cases Evernote came to the forefront with the preferred note highlighted in the list, but I noticed a weird flash of windows when this happened. Upon further inspection I did find the stand-alone note window, but it was behind the (now maximized) main Evernote window. Evidently, the flash I saw was the note window being launched first, only to then be immediately hidden by the main Evernote window maximizing from it's minimized state on the taskbar. This behavior happened everytime I tried this method. Just for kicks I tried it again WITHOUT Evernote running at all - closed the app, Shift-clicked the shortcut and saw the note window for a nano second before the main Evernote program jumped in front of it again. This is so close to what I've been looking for, but dangit...why the hiccup??
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