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Trying to Downgrade from Business to Premium - HELP




I need help. I want to downgrade immediately from BUSINESS to PREMIUM, but cannot for the life of me get any support from Evernote.

What's going on???

I've cancelled my on-going payment to Business, but want an immediate downgrade.

I also want to ensure that nothing gets deleted during the downgrade.

I try and call support, but as soon as I click the button, I get logged out.....

Surely somebody from Evernote can help with this???

Hopefully there's someone helpful out there who can help with this.

David G


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@dgregor55 Thanks for reaching out!

I've applied an update to your account that should fix the issue where you get logged out when you try to contact support.

Please retry contacting support, and reach out to me via DM if you're still having problems or if you have any other questions.

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