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Evernote not highlighting search results within note

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When searching, the search terms used to be highlighted within the notes found. I checked and this function still works on my iPhone, but not on my Windows 10 PC.


I just updated Evernote on the PC, and this did not correct the problem.


How do I fix this issue?


I know that control+f will also work, but this is slow and tedious, and feels like a giant step backwards when I used to be able to quickly scan multiple notes.


Please help.

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It's possible that this highlighting is simply no longer a feature in the Windows program. I just did some testing, and I also now find that search results are generally not highlighted in notes. If they are, you may have to scroll down to find them. Otherwise, you then have to search within the note to find the instance(s) of the search term. (A number of people have expressed here what a major annoyance this is.) And of course, Evernote Premium users will have their images and PDFs indexed, so that search results may appear within them and be invisible in the note as displayed. Wish I had better news for you! Perhaps someone else will chime in with some.

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5 hours ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

It's possible that this highlighting is simply no longer a feature in the Windows program.

No, it's still there -- in the latest, greatest Windows beta anyways -- but seems unpredictable/unstable. I've see it appearing, appearing and then flashing off, and not appearing. If it appears, and you switch notes, it may disappear eventually, and then not come back. Maybe there's a timer that governs this, or maybe there's some other condition that turns it off. It's unpredictable, but I've definitely seen the highlighting happen.

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Interesting. I'm not on the beta, but when I did my test, I found only one note in which a search term was highlighted, and that was a note clipped from a Website. Now, however, I find search terms highlighted in every note in which they are found! Apparently all that is consistent is the inconsistency.

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