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  1. Agreed! Because now it is randomly highlighting the search term, but never in the first note in the search results. Ugh.
  2. Thank you so much for that...even if the news isn't good! I'm thinking you might be right, based on the number of past posts regarding this issue with no resolution.
  3. Thank you @Dave-in-Decatur. I saw that before posting, and tried the suggestions. Unfortunately nothing has worked and I'm still having the problem.
  4. Also, Windows 10 is up to date, I’ve restarted, and exited out of EN from the file menu. I read the forums and while I found the issue I didn’t find the solution. Thank you
  5. When searching, the search terms used to be highlighted within the notes found. I checked and this function still works on my iPhone, but not on my Windows 10 PC. I just updated Evernote on the PC, and this did not correct the problem. How do I fix this issue? I know that control+f will also work, but this is slow and tedious, and feels like a giant step backwards when I used to be able to quickly scan multiple notes. Please help.
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