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Can Web Clipper be installed in Chrome-like browsers (e.g. Brave)?

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The current dev build of the Brave browser supports Chrome extensions in general. So far, I've had no problems with any I've used.

Is there anything unusual about the Evernote Web Clipper that would (or might) prevent a successful installation in Brave or other Chrome-like browsers?  

I posted here (rather than under general discussion of the Clipper) because I use a Mac and don't know whether implementation of the Clipper on the Mac has specific considerations that don't apply in Windows.


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Hi.  We're a (mainly) user-supported forum - staff will occasionally comment but this is a not-supported query,  so I suspect they won't.  My take would be to try to install and use Clipper wherever you have a need,  but to always be prepared to revert to a supported browser if necessary.

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1 hour ago, mkraft77 said:

Why is this a "not-supported query,"

Evernote techs don't (necessarily) have any background knowledge of any browsers other than the advertised Clipper extensions.  I certainly don't.

'Chrome style' browsers - Vivaldi / Opera / Yandex / Brave / Epic ???  presumably have their own bespoke mods which may or may not affect Clipper.  There are a lot of them and (I would have thought that) it would be commercially dumb to take on the task of making a browser add-in work with every browser in the market.  Firefox alone issue a new modded version every day...

Oh - and I'm not Evernote.  This is a (mainly) user-supported forum.  ;)

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I've recently been the rounds of Brave,  Brave Dev (the beta version),  and Vivaldi - and I'm temporarily at least back with Firefox;  but I do know the answer to this question now,  and it's "not necessarily."

Brave in particular has been designed,  in its current public version,  ONLY to allow a dozen add-ins - presumably for both security and speed reasons.  Brave Dev will allow you to add the Chrome Clipper add-in, though from memory it does say this is 'not recommended'.  I did it anyways and it works.  Vivaldi didn't have any problem that I recall. 

Best way to find out if Clipper will work is to try to add it and see what happens (which is what I did) and make a few test clips,  just to be sure you have access to all the bells and whistles - and the clip makes it to your Evernotes!

I'm still using Brave on my mobile devices by the way,  and I intend to go back and mess with cookies and ad-blockers and security settings to see if I can get around the issues.  If anyone is using Vivaldi or Brave Dev and finding it works for them (not looking at you on this one @CalS ☺️) please let us know what you changed!  Personal mileage can very widely though - it may depend on which version of Windows and/ or Evernote you run.

But there were issues with permissions.  Both Brave Dev and Vivaldi gave me issues logging into some web pages,  editing the Clipper title and adding comments and tags,  and even (in one memorable case) making it impossible for me to fill in a password box when I joined one group.  Vivaldi was annoying too in that when I typed in the forums here I couldn't use the edit bar. 

- While as you can see,  Firefox works quite well.  The fact that it eats into my available memory is something I'll just have to manage for now....   ?

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5 hours ago, gazumped said:

not looking at you on this one @CalS ☺️

Sorry @gazumped, a data point.  The one thing I did with Brave Dev when I installed clipper was to enable all cookies in settings, the clipper panel wasn't displaying and that fixed it.  No issues other than that,  clipper works as one would expect, though quicker.  YMMV.

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