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  1. This continues to happen to many people across a wide range of hardware. Evernote has already recognized it as a bug in their code (since last November).
  2. Migrating to Notion, I'm so done with Evernote's lack of interest in fixing this for their customers.
  3. Evernote has known of this since November, but hasn't done anything to fix it. Other relevant thread:
  4. STILL not fixed. Incredible. I've started migrating off of Evernote, I'm so sick of this bullsh!t.
  5. It doesn't work on Brave, I've been trying for weeks. Every time I try to invoke it, it flashes a login success screen, then disappears without doing anything.
  6. I really wish they would have fixed this problem. I see this has been going on for years, so I'm looking for a new solution. Anyone have any suggestions on a good app to use for this need to photograph things and keep track of them?
  7. Still happening to me too. Amazing that three years on this hasn't been resolved.
  8. A year later, still happening. Evernote's photo-to-note feature is clearly not a viable option.
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