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Evernote Charged Account That I Didn't Want - How To Remove Credit Card?

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Hello- I have to say that my endless frustration with Evernote continues to be never ending. Sad to say.

Today, Evernote has really done me in. Because they have added "features" over the years that are uncontrollable, I've stopped using Evernote. I downgraded my account to basic about 6mo ago. Then today, I saw they charged my credit card. This really did me in. Of course, no refund... great customer service (nothing like backing your product with a guarantee, right?).

This led me to do some digging. I found there is really no way to delete a credit card from your account. At least I am totally unable to find it. Is this even legal? Are companies allowed to hold your credit card information with no easy way to delete it. Maybe I'm wrong, But I just can't find it. Feels very desperate to me.

So, Evernote, what do you think about this policy of no refunds (even though I distinctly remember downgrading my account), and offering no easy way to remove credit card details. Thanks Evernote, you've really left an unfortunate taste in a users mouth.

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2 hours ago, wphall said:

I downgraded my account to basic about 6mo ago. Then today, I saw they charged my credit card.

What method did you use to downgrade.
My method is to access my account settings > Manage Subscriptions
I see at the top of the page my subcription level and future charges
This is where I'd select Basic Account and remove my credit card number for charges.537112706_ScreenShot2018-08-04at14_48_00.png.33521dc8b39fe7183f8288ced7445699.png


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Howdy- Yup, this is what I did. Or at least what I recalled doing. Not going to go as far as to say it switched itself back, but for whatever reason, it never 'stuck'. Now I'm stuck paying for something where I was trying to send Evernote a message that I, as a user, don't agree with where the company is going in general with features and direction as a company. So, I submitted a ticket, but am not confident.

Still find it troubling they do not let users remove their financial information and I could not find instructions how to do this.


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16 hours ago, wphall said:

So, I submitted a ticket, but am not confident.

But we could at least wait for a definitive response before flagging this as disreputable behaviour maybe... ?

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Yes! Fair enough and you're right on that. Thank you for pointing this out.

The world of tech has become so incredibly hard to manage with the endless streams of subscriptions. Nearly fell out of my chair when I read that MS is going to start charging windows users monthly with it's 365 model. Anyway, I'll report back.

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Hey Shane- YES! Thank you for keeping me honest and reminding me and sorry for the delay. End of summer craziness with kids :D.

Yes! I have to give credit where credit is due. Evernote took care of this very quickly and was kind enough to refund me. Have to say that not many cloud based providers are willing to do this so easily and I think this reflects well on Evernote.

Many thanks!

- Bill

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