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Evernote deletes empty lines

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I often do a RETURN to add an empty line after some text. But Evernote will often delete that empty line after a sync. Please fix this bug.

I am running the most recent version of Evernote for Mac



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I have the same or similar problem, and it just started.  When I return to a Note, many of my paragraphs, which I separate with double spaces into block paragraphs, will have merged into one long paragraph.  Others remain normally formatted.  I don't use tables or photos or anything else to cause this behavior.  I just write.  


P.S. For instance, if this were a Note and I closed it after syncing, when I open it again the "Liam" would appear directly under the paragraph without the double space, while the P.S. might retain its spacing.  

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I have the same issue. 

It's most likely not Mac specific, I am using Evernote on iOS and Windows as well and it occurs there as well. I have created a topic in the bug forum, but haven't received a reply.

My Quickfix is to add a space in the empty line. It won't get lost then anymore but it's not very comfortable. 

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I'm running into the same thing.  MacOS 10.13.6 with latest version of Evernote.  I'm not noticing the missing lines on regular paragraph separation, but I am noticing it on everything that I indent.  For example, I have a note where I am outlining Sunday School material.  Regular paragraphs double-return fine--they keep the separation.  When I am adding scripture references within the note, I will indent and italicize the Bible and Book of Mormon references.  If there is more than one verse, I double-return between the verses.  This is what disappears for me after I close the note/app and return to the note.

I pray (literally) that whatever changed recently can be fixed quick.  I have hundreds of quotes that were affected, spread out over various notes and notebooks.  Not sure what happened or when, but I only noticed this recently.

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It also happens to me in windows as mentioned above. It's frustrating the time you lose by trying to fix these things.

Evernote has good and fast search mode and nice organitzation by tags but when it comes to

edition it's a pain in the ass! they don't even have titles (such as H1) nor copy/paste format nor resizing images nor linking inside the same note to a different point of the note etc.

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I've found a solution to this issue.  It generally happens when you paste text from another source, and it applies the html from the previous source confusing the WYSIWYG editor.  

I'm currently using Evernote for Mac, so I can only speak about this one.  But here's the easy fix:

  1. Select all
  2. Copy
  3. Paste Plain Text by pressing Command + Shift + V
  4. Now when you add line breaks, they will remain, since we've "reset" the html editor

Note: this will remove all your formatting and any images.  

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Here's a workaround to this really annoying issue (made more annoying by not being able to search for paragraph breaks, much less replace them with double breaks!) without having to lose all your formatting to do it:

NOTE: The workaround is also annoying, but at least it works:

If you're pasting from Mac Pages or other editor into EN, yes, you'll lose all your double break returns (because EN encodes a carriage return as a "<div>" and not a "<p>&nbsp;</p>"). Instead, open a WYSIWYG editor, like https://html-online.com/editor/, and paste your formatted text into the visual HTML side. You'll see that all your formatting is in tact. Copy what you just pasted into the left visual side (not the code it produced on the right), and then paste that into EN. Your formatting and double-spaced paragraphs should not only come in properly, but you shouldn't lose it all if you quit and reopen. 

To return the missing second return to your EN paragraphs, paste your EN text into an editor, like Mac Pages or Text Edit, where you can not only search for returns, but also replace them with double returns. Your text formatting will remain unaltered. Now go back to the WYSIWYG editor, paste, select all and copy, then return to EN and paste. Depending on your WYSIWYG editor, you might have the option of "cleaning" the code, which will eliminate unnecessary additional returns. Just remember to paste the text from the visual side and not the code side.

Hope this helps, since Evernote can't be relied upon to fix its deficiencies (like find and replace).






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