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  1. I'm running into the same thing. MacOS 10.13.6 with latest version of Evernote. I'm not noticing the missing lines on regular paragraph separation, but I am noticing it on everything that I indent. For example, I have a note where I am outlining Sunday School material. Regular paragraphs double-return fine--they keep the separation. When I am adding scripture references within the note, I will indent and italicize the Bible and Book of Mormon references. If there is more than one verse, I double-return between the verses. This is what disappears for me after I close the note/app and return to the note. I pray (literally) that whatever changed recently can be fixed quick. I have hundreds of quotes that were affected, spread out over various notes and notebooks. Not sure what happened or when, but I only noticed this recently.
  2. This IS bad. I can type within the existing note, no problem. It adds text fine. No copy/paste, though. I exported in .enex, imported, and WAS able to copy/paste in the new note. But the formatting to the table did not hold up in the export/import process. Formatting DOES hold up when switching in and out of the new imported note, however. Wow. Now copy/paste works in all notes. It's like the export/import process fixed something. Now when I switch out of notes and come back in, the formatting sticks. I have no idea what happened. Strange, strange. FWIW, this was a shared notebook of notes. I am the originator of it.
  3. I get the new UI options. I see them there. However, none of the table column widths are staying when I switch notes or close the app. What's worse is that I cannot copy/paste anywhere in the app. Not within tables, not outside of tables--nowhere. I've warm-booted, cold-booted. Nothing seems to affect this. Obviously, this is 6.12, but the other system specs include 2016 MacBookPro 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 16gb RAM Radeon Pro 460 4096MB Intel HD Graphics 530 1536MB I have no idea what's going on here.
  4. Do you have to go into each table and select "fixed width"? When I adjusted the tables and exited the app, the tables went back to various sizes when I went back into the app.
  5. The first column should just be wide enough to include the verse number. The last two columns should be exactly the same, as I'm comparing two similar verses of scripture found in two different books. It's important to get them the same size, because visually we're able to see that they are much the same wording. Saving the note, even with revised column widths, doesn't seem to preserve the settings.
  6. I've attached a note, exported with the Evernote settings. It's a pretty long note--you'll need to scroll down a bit. You'll see the tables come up, though. Some are two rows, some are 30+ rows. All are three columns. Even the tables that I created today in 6.12 have reverted back to the scrambled settings. Please advise. Note w Tables.enex
  7. Oh, man. I was so looking forward to the overhaul of tables. I use them all the time, and the options that were in there were limited. So after I installed, rebooted, and loaded up 6.12, to my horror ALL the existing tables were thrown out of whack (just like one of the gentlemen above mentioned.). I've got hundreds of tables. To reformat all of them will be a tremendous time-sucker. Ugh. I wish there were a way to keep existing tables in their original form. Cannot seem to copy/paste into cells. Beyond frustrating. Will try to roll back. I can't complain much, though. I'm among the users of the free app, so this is a lump I'll have to take. If I were a paying customer, though, I would probably be a little more miffed.
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