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  1. Hi, With v10, the possibility to center images has been taken away. Will it come back? And if not: What is the idea behind that? Maybe someone can explain me what I'm doing wrong in my notes. I can center text, so why not images as well? Regards
  2. I still hate the new Evernote. It's slow, has still plenty of bugs that most likely will never get fixed and I just hate the user experience. I never got used to the new search function and desperately miss the tag filter. I still don't understand why I can't center images. The tried the styles features once, didn't work (not all formatting was applied), never tried again. But I got an invitation to the early access version that introduces tasks...I ignored it. I am not interested in the what the company Evernote produces anymore. Your products are bad. You managed to destroy a notes app. You won't be able to create a good task function.
  3. Well, you behave and sound like a Evernote support employee and that's probably why you are threated accordingly.
  4. Hello, Please bring back that feature that was taken away in v10 (see screenshot attached): It was replaced with a filter function that does not satisfy my need, because: 1. Too many clicks required 2. It does not offer me a list of tags that exist within the selected notebook. Summarized: I want to pick from a list of existing Tags. I do not want to remember on the tags I've used in the specific notebook.
  5. I really wonder how EN is doing economically after this desaster. Are there still many people turning their free membership into premium? The ratings in the App Stores turned very very bad, so it's very unlikely that we are a small, ignorable bubble that is unsatisfied how the product evolved while the vast majority doesn't care or is even happy. At the same time I observe that EN started a -40% discount campaign on premium. I don't know if they do that always in January or if its a reaction on a decline in premium sign ups.
  6. This kind of thinking works for a local sports club or something but not for a globald company with ~200 employes (that's a guess) that is owned by a private equity fund with the simple & clear goal to maximize the return on investment. If EN wants me to pay (what I do) they will have to achieve this the old-fashioned way. Meaning: They have to build a product that I use regulary and that offers premium features that I want. End of story. As I wrote before, I hate working with the new Evernote due to horrible UX, lag between click and display and plenty of bugs. But I still pay for it because right now I have no alternative. Time will tell if most people like me stay with the product. If so, the financial consequences for EN are not too bad.
  7. It's all about the definition of 'power user'. For me, someone who is willing to pay for a "Notes app" is a power user already. I don't speak of "elite users". I don't even know what that is. The fact that you are here means that you are a power user, at least in my definition.
  8. I just don't understand who would pay for Evernote Premium and is NOT a power user. Just makes no sense. A paid version for a note app *must* have power users as target group. Everything else makes no sense. There are hundreds of free alternatives for casual users. Ranging from "sending emails to myself" over "folders with text files".
  9. I have waited a few weeks and bottom line two issues: 1. The UI is so f**** slow and I hate that. I try to minimize the tasks I complete with EN. 2. I am missing tons of features I was used to. There is no reason to take away these features. Overall: I am still extremely pissed and it won't stop. I will find an alternative one day and I will recommend everyone I know who is looking for a note app not to use Evernote.
  10. Recent experience: I have a 5 years old note. That note has few pictures with text in between. I just wanted to change the text in between via iOS app. So I tap on the text and expect cursor and keyboard to appear. But it doesn't. Instead: One of the pictures is selected. I try it again a few times - won't work. I tap on the text, but the image is selected. So I tab a bit faster (maybe double click works?) and swoosh - one of the pictures is deleted and a random part of a sentence is moved somewhere else. In other words, the note is pretty much messed up. That's really bad because the deleted picture is gone. I don't have it somewhere else. But - not a big deal, isn't it? I shake the phone to undo...nothing happens. Function was removed? Sure it was. So I had to get up, start my Computer and use the version function to restore and old note. You ask yourself why I write this text. I do it to let you feel what my experience with this product is nowadays. It's a terrible experience and I really have to say, I start to hate Evernote. I start to find excuses for not writing something down. Great. But hey, I bet you have hundred of millions downloads from "casual users" already. Bye.
  11. Center Images. Is there is a single reason why this "feature" has been removed? The question is meant unironical. Can someone explain the reason behind removing such a fundamental thing? Is this a technical thing somehow?
  12. Totally against this idea. Evernote is not Microsoft or Facebook. I do not think that they are doing pretty well economically. Additional, Evernote belongs to a private equity firm. Thiese firms want to see profits and are usually not willing to further invest into unprofitable companies but simply let them die or opt for a fire sale (worst thing that could happen now, trust me). To be honest, I don't care about 60€ a year. I would pay double the amount if I would get good software in return.
  13. Well, I waited roundabout 2 years. Maybe longer. Evernote is missing new features and progress since at least 2 years. I had a nasty bug with highlighting formatting I was in contact with the support about. At some point I just realized that they won't fix it anymore as they plan to launch a new editor anyways. And I accepted that and I waited for the relaunch to come. I was expecting something comparable to Notion because this seems to be the state of the art for a notes app. As I said before: A software full with bugs is one thing that happens often (even Apple sometimes publishs critial OS versions). My problem are not the bugs - bugs could be fixed. My problem is the horrible UX. I won't accept that. Evernote seemingly made the choice to move in a certain direction. This is not my direction. Maybe they did a competitor analysis and decided that powerusers should just use Notion while everyone who is looking for a simple notes app with just a bit more functionality than Apple's native app should use Evernote. If so, they will have to reinvent their business model, I guess the power users are those who are willing to pay for premium. Whatever, that's their thing and not my business. In hindsight: When I heard the very first speech of the new CEO I should have known it The speech was a terrible sequence of buzzword-overloaded sentences without meaning. Tenor was: "Let's not talk about features, let's talk about what Evernote should feel like". I think he had a strategic shift in mind: Get away from demaning power users and nerds and try to become the go-to app for everyone who is just looking for an Apple Notes pendant that works on Windows as well.
  14. I completely support the tenor of the first post. I am a heavy user of Evernote, I used it for more than 10 years up to 3-4 hours per day. The disappointment when I am forced to use the new iOS app is so huge, that I become angry over and over again. This is not an accepated situation. The new Evernote is not a "good piece of software that has too many bugs". It's actually very bad software that has ON TOP too many (CRITICAL!) bugs. In particular the new features you redesigned are ***** and that is the actual problem of the entire redesign catastrophe! The new features are horrible from a UX perspective (>3 clicks to add a tag, stupid navigation in the iOS app, 2 clicks required now to close a note after making changes). You also took away crucial functionality (not possible to filter a notebook by tag anymore, no formatting in codeblocks, only 4 fonts, images can't be centered,...). And to make everything even worse: Thanks to a badly programmed electron app in the background, everything is slow and unstable (sometimes clicks are just lost and I have to click again, it often takes 2-3 seconds after typing until text appears, in general it feels just slow and makes aggressive). In conclusion: I do not think that you can turn this around. Even if you manage to get this software bug free, it's still just very bad software with a very bad UX, with crucial features that are missing and a failed infrastructur. Even if you manage to make it faster (I doubt that you are able to achieve that) it stays bad software. So there is nothing for me to wait for. I started to elaborate to migrate to Notion. They offer a good migration assistent and my first assessment after 20 minutes is: Notion is amazing software. Actually I was hoping that Evernote would become this kind of software after the redesign. Turned out you made it 100% worse than the already outdated legacy versions. Guess it's time to leave now.
  15. Screenshots from iOS. No, the second thing is not replicable.
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