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  1. People keep telling this since 2013. They haven't reacted for 6 years. They just don't care, sorry.
  2. I agree that a style feature similar to what editors like Word offer would quite a lot influence the using experience and should therefore be thought through really carefully. But highlighting colors...it's basically the same as different font colors. The same in terms of UX, implementation and even how the UI would have to look like. Evernote is a big question mark for me. I understand that prioritizing is key in development and I understand that they can't implement all community requested features. I also understand that some features are much more complicated to implement from a technical perspective as it seems from outside. I understand that some features might destroy the carefully designed user experience behind the software. But adding different highlighting colors? Given the fact that it's one of the most requested features by the community? As I said, there is just no excuse in my opinion.
  3. Since the dark mode update for MacOs, I have a similar bug where the highlighting formatting does not stop as initially formatted after closing and reopening a note. It's pretty similar to the line break bug (that I also experience). For me these things by the way only occure in notes with a code block (as I use them as Headings this is practically in all of my notes).
  4. kthesun

    Mac 7.6 Beta 1

    Calm down everyone. They're working on it and that's what counts. Thanks @ Evernote for finally starting to implement this important feature.
  5. Quick fix is to add a space in an empty line. Besides that, I contacted support a couple of weeks ago already, they told me they were aware of the bug but didn't give an indication when or if it will be fixed.
  6. I am wondering if the latest bad news about Evernote will lead to a change in how Evernote prioritizes Customer requests. I believe situation could be as follows: - Evernote is a unicorn company with >300m VC money in it - Goal is to become a company like Dropbox, Slack (IPO candidate and so on) - B2C business alone is probably sufficient to finance the business, but it's not really great (<100m revenues p.a. and very limited growth potential, I guess the VCs are hoping for much more) - Therefore: Full focus on getting Evernote into companies, just as Dropbox or Slack, as companies are the much better customers given their high willingness to pay (once they have decided that they really need a software) - In the last months they must have realized that this has failed. Evernote is too differentiated to become a standard solution for enterprises like Dropbox or Slack. - Management must have recognized that couple of competitors are now pushing in the market, trying to take away the B2C business from Evernote. Due to Evernotes Focus on B2B there are plenty open spots where competitors can attack (simple stuff like a good UI, Dark mode, Markdown support and so on) - My hope is that the management and shareholders have realized that Evernote must react now by getting focus back to B2C business (i.e. implement now the features the users are asking for and stop them switching to competitors) if they don't want to lose their core asset, the gigantic B2C community and finally lose everything. By the way: That the CTO has left the company is from my point of view a good development. Evernote is an unstable piece of software and obviously the technical foundation is so complicated that ultra-simple features like different markdown colors can't get implemented in a short amount of time. This situation is not good for a company like Evernote. And this is what a CTO is responsible for.
  7. So you guys are not interested in Bug reports? !
  8. I have the same issue. It's most likely not Mac specific, I am using Evernote on iOS and Windows as well and it occurs there as well. I have created a topic in the bug forum, but haven't received a reply. My Quickfix is to add a space in the empty line. It won't get lost then anymore but it's not very comfortable.
  9. I'd like to add a new finding: When I add a space (or any other character) in the newly added line, the line keeps persistent and doesn't disappear after leaving the note.
  10. Since a couple of weeks, some of my Notes lose line breaks. Not in the entire note, only at specific locations within the note. Might be an issue in combination with centered italic format. I have notes where it is reproducable. So I add the line break where I want it to have, i leave the note, i open it back again and the line break is gone. It is not connected to a certain platform. I use Evernote on Windows, MacOS and iOS. The issue comes everywhere. So I guess the easiest is when I send one of the affected notes to a developer? Regards.
  11. Hello there, I'd like to share my Heading types for longer notes. I have experimented quite a lot (among others with pictures, what didn't work out well). The requirement of the heading is for me to a) seperate long notes into sections and and b ) have an appealing look. What I came up with is this. It's simply Times New Roman with Font-Size 24 and color #2A323D (the Evernote-grey). Below a horizontal line which works quite well as a seperator. As I said, I was testing around a lot and this was at the end of the day the best choice out of convenience and looks. I was wondering what you are using and I am looking for some inspiration! Regards Stephan
  12. Hi, I am using Evernote on different devices: Windows 10 Desktop, Mac OS, iOS (iPhone and iPad). All updated on the latest versions. The Windows Version has now caused a severe error for the second time. I experienced the same one week ago and I reinstalled Evernote after it and hoped it wouldn't happen again, but it did right now. It's not so easy to explain, I hope you can follow: I am working on Evernote Windows Desktop on different notes (jump from one note to another, make some changes, jump back to the old one and so on). At one Point, the Content of Note A is entirely replaced by the Content of Note B. The title is still correct but the note content is replaced. It is critical to terminate the app imidiately now, if you don't want that other notes will be affected in the same way. If I sync to other devices now, the note Content stays as it was displayed in the Windows app. In other word, the old Content of Note A is completely lost. There is no way to use "Step backwards" or something, the content of the replaced note is lost forever. Just to make this clear: this is propably the most severe kind of error your app could have. I am using Evernote since 10 years and I have >3.000 notes. Many notes, especially the old ones, have a high personal value for me. My trust in Evernote has been sensitively damaged now. I have to add, that I am really disappointed by you guys. Bugs can happen. Sure. But not this kind of bug. Which value has Evernote if I have to fear that some stupid bug destroys my 10 years old memories? Do you know that bug? Is there a chance that you fix it one day?
  13. Hell yeah. I want this feature so bad...
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