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  1. I often do a RETURN to add an empty line after some text. But Evernote will often delete that empty line after a sync. Please fix this bug. I am running the most recent version of Evernote for Mac Frank
  2. First off, I love Evernote. AND this version is my first BIG disappointment. Here's why... The white-on-white design is VERY hard to read. Please see feedback from the Mac App Store. Please bring back shaded columns, or an option to shade columns, to provide contrast. Thanks, Frank
  3. Hi there! Thanks for responding. No, I'm talking about changing settings in the preferences panel: I change them and they revert back to the old settings on the next startup. Also, the window size always reverts to the original size, not the size at which I left it.
  4. I'm a new Evernote user. I changed font settings and notebook lists to display as I desire. When I startup again, it has forgotten those settings as well as the window size from last session. Any help to stop this? Thanks, Frank
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