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How to know if I've previously clipped an item?

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I use Evernote primarily for clipping web content. I'm on a Mac using Chrome and have the Elephant icon web extension. (I also use Clearly, and the clip function in that.) It bugs me that Evernote does not inform me whether or not I've already clipped something. I know I must have a lot of duplicates. But how -- without actually going into Evernote and searching -- can I determine if I've already clipped something? 

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Without searching, not that I'm aware of.  Personally, I don't worry about it.  Evernote is my digital dumping ground and as long as search remains quick, having a few extra copies of something or old notes that may no longer be relevant in the account hasn't been a problem, or concern for me.

I suppose Mac users could create a script that looks for multiple occurrences of the same URL and then show those filtered results for review, but seems like unnecessary work to me.

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I agree with @s2sailor - my attitude is 'if in doubt,  clip it!';  I do occasionally find duplicates when I search through my data,  and it's easy to delete one (or all) of them.  There is an option in Clipper to do a quick search after each clip,  which will find the most obvious ones;  but you still have to look at both notes to check there have been no changes.  I think it's impossible for Evernote to make the call for you - even if it sees you going to the same URL,  how does it know whether you clipped the whole page last time,  or just some pictures.  And what if the content at that URL has changed and you want to copy the latest version - a menu or price list;  flagging up URL duplications may save you a little disk space - but at a considerable time cost for each and every clip...


If you choose Show successful dialogue,  you get a quick view of existing notes with similar content.  I have 'Show related notes' off in the main app settings,  so I chose the second option on this screen for a quieter life...

The Related Results option is useful - if I Google for any term I get the result from my notes too.  It's an indication sometimes that I already have the information I need.

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On 3/24/2018 at 9:20 AM, olonoff@gmail.com said:

It bugs me that Evernote does not inform me whether or not I've already clipped something.

It seems to me that Evernote would not only have to (1) compare the URL currently being clipped with all previously clipped URLs, but (2) know whether the Web page has changed since you last clipped it, which would be a mighty heavy lift, I'd think. If the page has changed, there might be good reasons for clipping it again.

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