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  1. I use Evernote primarily for clipping web content. I'm on a Mac using Chrome and have the Elephant icon web extension. (I also use Clearly, and the clip function in that.) It bugs me that Evernote does not inform me whether or not I've already clipped something. I know I must have a lot of duplicates. But how -- without actually going into Evernote and searching -- can I determine if I've already clipped something?
  2. I'm using Chrome on a MacBook (latest OS) When I use Clearly, and clip an item with the embedded clipper within Clearly, a checkmark appears after the item is clipped. However, when I use the standard Evernote web clip tool, after returning to the tab I can see no discernible clue that the item has been clipped. Often I can't remember if I clipped it or not, so I clip it again, resulting in duplicate clips. This is a pain, especially since Evernote does not have a convenient de-duping feature.
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