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Can't Copy Evernote GTD Templates, Can't Reach Customer Service


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1) The Evernote blog published an article on using Getting Things Done (GTD) in Evernote. It included a link to some GTD templates. They were in a shared notebook, which I joined. There are no instructions on how to copy the templates into one of my own notebooks and they templates are locked. Why would Evernote go to the trouble of bringing my attention to these templates without fully explaining how to use them? I Googled and found a note about using templates that was irrelevant because there is no button that adds the notes to my version of Evernote. I haven't been on this forum in many months, but once again I am amazed by how poorly Evernote communicates to customers.


2) I can't figure out how to reach Customer Support. In the past, I reached it through a link on my account page or by Googling, but that method is not working. I keep being taken to a page where I have to log in and then I am sent back to my notebook page.


Thanks for your help.


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45 minutes ago, Etonreve said:

how to copy the templates into one of my own notebooks

On my Mac, I can right click the note and select Copy.  Also Note in the Top Menu5a4dc1e95b86f_ScreenShot2018-01-03at21_54_23.png.a8e7ee400ec8fd33107709fefbbe7af7.png

For me, I just looked at the template and copied content into my own template

>> I can't figure out how to reach Customer Support

All Accounts        Twitter @evernotehelps  

Paid Accounts     Contact Evernote Support
                               Don't login a second time

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Thank you. Before returning to this page,  I figured out how to do it on my Android phone. I'm sure I did try right clicking in the web and Windows desktop versions. In addition, as noted, I Googled how to copy templates but the Evernote directions did not apply.  The ones previously posted by Evernote were not locked. These templates were created by a private individual, but Evernote posted them in its blog article. Is it too much to ask for proper instructions? 


Thanks also for info re Customer Service. I've never had trouble accessing it before and I've been a Premium user for many years. 

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I am having exactly the same problem. I became a premium user today so as to access these templates.  The templates are cumbersome and take too much time and does not save me the time as promised. Also they are locked and I have spent now several hours trying to copy them. I get a copy button but I cannot paste them as they are read only. I am frustrated and feel that I have wasted my money and my time. Oh yes I cannot get customer support either

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@tamaramenik Hi there, and thank you for reaching out! Could you elaborate on the issue you're having with opening a support request with our support team? I looked into your account, and it is listed as Premium, so you should be able to do this. Please try going here: https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action. Feel free to direct message me if you encounter further issues!

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13 minutes ago, Etonreve said:

The Customer Service link still is not working.

I've never had problems using the Support Link
One hint; your're already logged in through this forum.  Don't login a second time - it seems to direct us to our Evernote account

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Normally, there is a "Save to Evernote" option in templates shared in the blog and early links within that article did not have that option. I posted a comment to the blog and there was a response from the author. 

You can see the comment at the bottom of the blog. It was basically;

- There are other links within the article that opened the note in a way that had the option to "Save to Evernote", I clicked and saved them all.

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