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Evernote and Outlook


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Hi.  I'm guessing this is a permissions thing - Evernote can't access your server to grab the email content.  Presumably you could still copy/ paste email content into a note,  or 'print' to PDF files and attach those to your note.

If you're an Evernote subscriber you'll be able to forward emails to your account,  or you could set up a work-around to forward the emails you ant to clip to a cloud email solution like Gmail where it is possible to clip or copy/ paste the content,  or use a third-party app like IFTTT to automatically select certain mails to add to your Evernote account.  IFTTT also offers options to choose notebooks and add tags.

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I've been having the same problem but I have been using the "Evernote Clipper" as supplied and installed from within the Office 365 app "store".  I've found that this no longer works but the Evernote addin to Outlook is still working.  If you have a look at the OWA version of Outlook you can see the installed apps that you have.  If you disable the Evernote app from there and then install the Evernote addin, you should be able to get the functionality working again.


Good luck!  I found this very frustrating as it does not appear to be documented anywhere and I even started experimenting with OneNote!

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I am having issues with outlook integration as well. I have been using the clipper add-in with success until I recently switched computers. I have followed all the suggested steps to active the add-in, but it still comes up with an error like this:

InvalidCastException occured while trying to clip this item. This is usually caused by incorrect Outlook installation or previous version remains. Try to repair your Outlook installation or contact Evernote Support.

Technical info: 
Cast source: 
Cast target: 
Site: System.String get_ConversationIndex()

I have tried repairing the office installation, removed and re-added the clipper, but still get this error. 


Any ideas?

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I'm not sure if my problem is related, but I found that Evernote Outlook Clipper ( is no longer clipping my emails. It *appears* to work (no errors) but nothing shows up in my Evernote account. Syncing does not help.

I've also run into a problem with scanning documents and sending them to Evernote using Document Capture Pro from Epson. The app reports that the scan was successfully sent to Evernote, but the scan never shows up. (This worked until recently.)

Any suggestions? I'm running under Windows 10.

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My Outlook clipper problems continue. Although, I have the automatic tagging selected, the tags do not make it to Evernote


When it shows up in Evernote, there aren't any tags at all!

Has anybody encountered this?

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