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  1. I've been having the same problem but I have been using the "Evernote Clipper" as supplied and installed from within the Office 365 app "store". I've found that this no longer works but the Evernote addin to Outlook is still working. If you have a look at the OWA version of Outlook you can see the installed apps that you have. If you disable the Evernote app from there and then install the Evernote addin, you should be able to get the functionality working again. Good luck! I found this very frustrating as it does not appear to be documented anywhere and I even started experimenting with OneNote!
  2. Like a lot of these comments I need to see the functionality of the web client able to deliver the same functionality of the other installable applications. I use a variety of saved searches and I can't find how to access these from the BETA client. So it would be good to see some sort of commitment from EN on the level of functionality that will be delivered and the consistency of the user experience across operating systems. It's the design and development principles for this version that I am interested in hearing about - as the BETA develops will the missing functionality be added in or will the web client always be the "poor cousin"? I hope not as I'm working increasingly on-line without installing client software as I use a variety of different computers and form factors - not all the computers are mine. Having said that, I really like the direction the interface is going with a reduction in the number of distractions on a screen so that I can focus on the thing I am doing. I like the way the UI is going to more "just in time" (JIT) with context sensitive menus from the "just in case" model where all the objects you might need are shown on the screen and infrequently used. I'm looking forward to seeing how EN develop this interface further - minimal distractions (which does aid concentration) with very easy JIT access to other objects or actions.
  3. I think the user interface is better clean, but I do hope that a lot of the functionality in the other platform versions is added into the beta quickly, otherwise its usefulness will be constraining. I would also hope that the consistency of the interfaces is rapidly brought together. I use Evernote on a range of different devices (iMac, iPad, Macbook Air, Android phone) using a mix of the local app or the web client depending on the device I am using at the time. Having a consistent user experience across those different devices really helps my productivity. My most common way of working though it using Cloud SAAS apps (Google Apps including Drive, DropBox, Mindjet amongst others) without storing anything locally. I would really like to see being able to "upload" files from external services into Evernote and then "download" files to the external services. For example, I have a PDF on Google drive that I want to bring into Evernote so that it can be indexed and simplify the searching for me for this document (and I know there are apps and services that will search across multiple services). I have to save the PDF onto the local disk and then attach it to Evernote. Why, when using a web client, can't I just upload from an external service?
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