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  1. Is the Evernote plugin to Outlook not supported any longer? i am getting the same error.
  2. +1 here as well. Similar to above. I use Evernote for everything and have recently switched to ipad pro as my main machine.
  3. Totally agree.. Especially with the sentiment that it's a cross platform tool, majority of the same functionality should be universal and it isn't. I too want to make my iPad Pro my main device.. Come on Evernote, let's finish what you started
  4. I tried searching the forum to see if there was a thread on the editor capability in evernote. Is there a plan to improve it more than just a simple text editor?? I would love to use EN for all note taking, I try really hard but the constant changing of font randomly, lack of basic control of formatting (bullets, numbering etc is pretty bad) really makes making to do lists and taking notes during work mtgs really difficult. Take a simple tool like Tomboy, would love to see EN implement a smarter editor like that. Plus take the "linking" capability from Tomboy and you will have alot of happy users
  5. seems like you may be over thinking it? I use EN for 90% work and have notebooks for the big projects (trying to keep # of notebooks reasonable) and I have one called @home for personal, I have 13 notebooks total.. Examples other than big project names I have include @travel (for receipts, itinerary, bookings), @computers (software keys, hardware info), Once you get comfy with tags, they can make things way easier..
  6. Trying to change my user name. I tried logging in and going to "Settings", not there. Be surprised if this cant be changed? Seems pretty basic... ??
  7. cheers to that. Thanks for the reply. I was afraid that was the answer -- makes sense.. Soo.... I realize not an overwhelming request for linux compared to win/osx, but evernote would be received very well by linux users - cool thing - minimal competition. Something to think about.. thanks
  8. I downloaded the add-on for thunderbird on ubuntu 9.04 and it appears to install properly, but I do not see it under tools? Anyone else done this successfully? I am hoping to get similar behavior as firefox plugin on ubuntu - upload directly to evernote web client.. Until a linux client is available.. hint hint
  9. Just installed into thunderbird, v2 on ubuntu linux. Works as expected in firefox. It's listed in thunderbird, although preferences are greyed out...no right click option to save, no icon? Not sure if I should expecr it to work on linux in thunderbird?
  10. one of my biggest requests for EN, would love to have a few master lists with to-dos or project name and have the ability to link to other notes or a specific notebook. it would be nice to have sub-notebooks as well. something like... -website project *layout ("layout" would be a link to a notebook or specifc note) *product page -training manuals -localization it would be nice if I could generate an automatic list of notebooks and notes contained in the notebook..
  11. Am I missing something? Am I unable to edit existing lists that were created in Win or Web on my mobile? I have to do lists created and expected to be able to access and edit them on my Treo via the mobile version?
  12. was looking at the same thing today.. I would love to be able to link to Word, Excel, PDF and PPT,,, been using Evernote a ton lately.. would be worthy of a fee, I would suspect.
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