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  1. Could one you experienced forum participants please tell this newbie (me) how to reply to a specific post in such a way that a portion of their post is shown at the top of mine? 🙂
  2. Avalon - it appears the web client is not having the same issues. Perhaps you could just use Evernote from the web until things are ironed out. I've also been directed to another thread where others are reporting the same problem. I would expect with so many having this problem, that Evernote will address it quickly. Evernote support had me delete the Evernote file in %appdata%, reboot my machine, and open Evernote again. At the moment, I've not yet seen any problems other than a small "burp".
  3. I escalated this to the Evernote support team. I'm starting to work on this with them. At least now I know I'm not crazy! I'll post again when some progress is made (or not). Seems like this started right after the 10.5.7 release. Is that what you've experienced?
  4. I'm running 10.5.7 on Windows. I selected notebook "A". Instead of opening that notebook, Evernote tried to open notebook "B". The "we don't know what's going on" error message came up: "Sorry, we're having some trouble. Try reloading the page." In the upper lefthand corner of the window, it shows notebook "B"s name. Click on reload and it takes me to B when I had selected A. What have I tried to fix this? a) Sign out and sign back in. No dice. b) Quit Evernote and get back in. No dice. c) Check and see if the problem happens with the web client. NO, it doesn't. d) Restart the compu
  5. Using version (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829). I'll post a screenshot next time it occurs.
  6. Has anyone reported the following? In the past couple of weeks I've seen a bug where my notebook and stack names suddenly appear with random styles I did not apply, including strikethroughs, bold, italic, and color, or a combination of these. If I select "style" to change one of these back, it doesn't show that any of these has been selected. The only way for me to clear this is to exit Evernote and go back in. This is becoming a major nuisance.
  7. I'm not sure if my problem is related, but I found that Evernote Outlook Clipper ( is no longer clipping my emails. It *appears* to work (no errors) but nothing shows up in my Evernote account. Syncing does not help. I've also run into a problem with scanning documents and sending them to Evernote using Document Capture Pro from Epson. The app reports that the scan was successfully sent to Evernote, but the scan never shows up. (This worked until recently.) Any suggestions? I'm running under Windows 10.
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